July 24, 2018

Count Basie ‎- Sixteen Men Swinging

A1. Straight Life (J. Mandel) (4:33)
A2. Basie Goes Wess (F. Wess) (3:55)
A3. Softly With Feeling (N. Hefti) (3:08)
A4. Cherry Point (N. Hefti) (3:20)
A5. Bubbles (N. Hefti) (4:00)
A6. Right On (F. Green) (2:40)
A7. Blues Done Come Back (E. Wilkins) (3:38)

B1. Peace Pipe (E. Wilkins) (2:30)
B2. Stereophonic (E. Wilkins) (2:25)
B3. Mambo Mist (P. C. Barnes) (4:07)
B4. Sixteen Men Swinging (E. Wilkins) (3:05)
B5. She's Just My Size (E. Wilkins) (4:31)
B6. I Feel Like A New Man (M. Albam) (2:55)

C1. You For Me (N. Hefti) (3:12)
C2. Soft Drink (R. M. Jones) (3:08)
C3. Two For The Blues (N. Hefti) (2:50)
C4. Slow But Sure (M. Albam) (3:45)
C5. Blues Backstage (F. Foster) (4:36)
C6. Down For The Count (F. Foster) (6:02)

D1. Perdido (J. Tizol - H. Langsfelder - E. Drake) (4:55)
D2. Ska-Di-Dle-Dee-Bee-Doo (N. Hefti) (3:37)
D3. Two Franks (N. Hefti) (3:16)
D4. Rails (D. Gillespie - L. Harding) (5:57)
D5. Eventide (B. Doggett) (4:40)
D6. Ain't Misbehavin' (I'm Savin' My Love For You) (T. F. Waller - H. Brooks - A. Razaf) (3:43)

Verve Records ‎2632 068

LP 1
LP 2
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June 29, 2018

I Giganti Del Jazz 91 - Jazz Inspired Piano Compositions: Debussy, Satie, Auric, Gershwin, Hindemith & Schulhoff

      Side A
A1. Children's Corner (Golliwog's Cake-Walk) (C. Debussy) (2:45)
A2. Jack In The Box (E. Satie) (6:50)
A2a. Prélude / A2b. Entr'acte / A2c. Final
A3. Adieu, New York! (Foxtrot) (G. Auric) (6:00
A4. Jazz Piano Préludes (Gershwin) (6:40)
A4a. Allegro Ben Ritmato E Deciso / A4b. Andante Con Moto E Poco Rubato / A4c. Allegro Ben Ritmato E Deciso
      Side B
B1. Suite 1922, Op. 26 (P. Hindemith) (16:15)
B1a. Marsch / B1b. Shimmy / B1c. Nachtstück / B1d. Boston / B1e. Ragtime
B2. Esquisses De Jazz (E. Schulhoff) (10:15)
B2a. Rag / B2b. Boston / B2c. Tango / B2d. Blues / B2e. Charleston / B2f. Black-Bottom

Piano – Peter Toperczer (A1, A3)
Piano – Jan Vrána (A2)
Piano – Emil Leichner (A4)
Piano – Jan Marcol (B1)
Piano – Miloš Mikula (B2)

Recorded at the Supraphon Domovina Studio, Prague, from June, 1972. to March, 1973.

Curcio ‎GJ-91; Armando Curcio Editore DEJ-55; Dizionario Enciclopedico del Jazz 55; Sarpe ‎GJ-91; Supraphonet 11 1117-2


June 14, 2018

Quartet Jazz Focus-65

A1. Billy's Bounce (C. Parker) (12:04)
A2. Monday Morning (M. Leviev) (6:21)
A3. Yesterday (P. McCartney) (1:24)
B1. Blues In 12 (M. Leviev) (8:03)
B2. Midnight Mood (J. Zawinul) (10:40)

Flute – Simeon Shterev
Piano – Milcho Leviev
Contrabass – Lyubomir Mitsov
Drums – Peter Slavov

Recorded live at the concert hall Bulgaria, Sofia, February 1968.

Балкантон ‎ВТА 1098


Focus Jazz Quartet - Focus Jazz Quartet

A1. Vagrant Shades (H. Yotsov) (11:31)
A2. Song For You (A. Donchev) (9:22)
B1. Ringi-Ringi (H. Yotsov) (6:24)
B2. Nine Sieves Are Sowing (S. Shterev) (8:14)
B3. Medley (S. Shterev) (7:58)

Alto Flute, Piccolo Flute, Leader – Simeon Shterev
Piano, Synthesizer – Antoni Donchev
Double Bass – Theodossi Stoikov
Drums, Percussion – Hristo Yotsov

Recorded at Balkanton Studios, June 1985.

Балкантон (Balkanoton) ‎BTA 11676


May 31, 2018

Cadence and Cascade

Bobby Zankel ‎– Seeking Spirit

reqiphoenix nexus

qu'a - live at the iridium

CJR 1133 Adam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra - No(w) Music

CJR 1193 Adam Lane Quartet - Buffalo

CJR 1231 Adam Lane - Blue Spirit Band

CJR 1169 Cecil Taylor - All The Notes

CJR 1205 Darrell Katz Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra - The Same Thing

CJR 1053 Darrell Katz - Dreamland

CJR 1019 Chat Baker with the Per Husby Trio - The Improviser

CJR 1055 Eric Pakula - Between Speech & Song

CJR 1161 Frode Gjerstad - The Welsh Chapel

CJR 1108 Frode Gjerstad Trio - Ultima

CJR 1126 Frode Gjerstad Trio - The Blessing Light: for John Stevens

CJR 1154 Ernie Krivda - The Music of Ernie Krivda

CJR 1195 Ernie Krivda - Live in New York City

CJR 1004 Hugh Brodie - Live And Cooking At The Wild Oat (Art of Bop)

CJR 1198 Ivo Perelman - Soul Calling

CJR 1066 Ivo Perelman - Blue Monk Variations

CJR 1076 Ivo Perelman - Bendito of Santa Cruz

CJR 1013 J. R. Monterose - Bebop Loose & Live

CJR 1170 James Finn - Opening The Gates

CJR 1051 Joe Gallivan - Innocence

CJR 1204 Joel Press & Kyle Aho - Untying the Standard

CJR 1171 John Hagen - Segments

CJR 1186 Joe McPhee, Matthew Shipp, Dominic Duval - In Finland

CJR 1106 Trio X - Rapture

CJR 1200 Trio X - Roulette at Location One

CJR 1037 Matthew Shipp & Rob Brown - Sonic Explorations

CJR 1063 Michael Bisio Quintet - Covert Choreography

CJR 1087 Narada Burton Greene - Shades of Greene

CJR 1167 Paul Murphy - Red Snapper

CJR 1069 Rashid Bakr, Frode Gjerstad, William Parker - Seeing New York From The Ear

CJR 1212 Salim Washington - Strings

CJR 1086 Steuart Liebig, Vinny Golia, Billy Mintz - No Train

CJR 1238 Steve Swell’s Nation of We - The Business of Here… Live at Roulette 

CJR 1185 The Slam Trio - In The Stillhouse (Live)

May 20, 2018

Earl Hines ‎- Earl Hines (Collection Jazz Time / Vogue)

A1. High Society (W. Melrose - P. Steele) (2:39)
A2. Boogie Woogie On Saint Louis Blues (W. C. Handy) (5:11)
A3. Struttin' With Some Barbecue (L. Hardin-Armstrong - D. Raye) (5:43)
A4. Bugle Call Rag (J. Pettis - E. Schoebel - I. Mills) (4:53)
A5. Tiger Rag (H. DaCosta - E. Edwards - J. LaRocca - H. Ragas - T. Sbarbaro - L. Shields) (4:11)
B1. Royal Garden Blues (C. Williams - S. Williams) (3:53)
B2. Saint James Infirmary (J. Primrose) (4:19)
B3. Tin Roof Blues (G. C. Brunies - M. J. Stitzel - B. Pollack - P. Mares - W.r Melrose - L. Roppolo) (6:24)
B4. Rosetta (E. Hines - W. H. Woode) (4:35)
B5. That's A Plenty (R. Gilbert - L. Pollack) (3:54)

Muggsy Spanier (trumpet)
James Jimmy Archey (trombone)
Darnell Howard (clarinet)
Earl Hines (piano)
George Pops Foster (bass)
Earl Watkins Jr. (drums)

San Francisco, March 13, 1956 .

Vogue ‎502710


P.S.: that record is a part of the great concert... if someone have the rest be free to post it...
here is the data..

Earl Hines ‎• Earl Fatha Hines and his All Stars, Vol. 1
Deep forest
A5. Tiger rag
B3. Tin roof blues
Memphis blues
Limehouse blues
Wang Wang blues
B4. Rosetta
Relaxin' at the Touro
Bill Bailey
B2. St. James infirmary

Muggsy Spanier (cnt), Jimmy Archey (tb), Darnell Howard (cl)
Earl Hines (p), George Pops Foster (b), Earl Watkins Jr. (dr)

Crescendo, Los Angeles, Ca., March 13, 1956.

GNP GNPS9042; Vogue (F) LD549-30μ

Earl Hines ‎• Earl Fatha Hines and his All Stars, Vol. 2
A1. High society
A2. Boogie woogie on St. Louis blues
A3. Struttin' with some barbecue
Ugly chile
A4. Bugle call rag
Wolverine blues
Lazy river
B5. That's a plenty
If I could be with you one hour tonight
B1. Royal garden blues

Muggsy Spanier (cnt), Jimmy Archey (tb), Darnell Howard (cl)
Earl Hines (p), George Pops Foster (b), Earl Watkins Jr. (dr)

Crescendo, Los Angeles, Ca., March 13, 1956.

GNP GNPS9043; Vogue (F) LD549-30

Earl Hines Sextet ‎• Live at the Crescendo, Vol. 2
Deep forest (Time)
Who's sorry now
Hesitation blues
That da-da strain
Beale Street blues
On the sunny side of the street
I love you
I found a new baby
Jazz me blues

Muggsy Spanier (cnt), Jimmy Archey (tb), Darnell Howard (cl)
Earl Hines (p), George Pops Foster (b), Earl Watkins Jr. (dr)

Marty Marsala (tp) replaces Muggsy Spanier
I found a new baby
Honeysuckle rose

Crescendo, Los Angeles, Ca., March 13, 1956.

GNP Crescendo GNPD9054 (CD)

Gene Norman Presents Earl Fatha Hines And His All Stars Featuring Muggsy Spanier
A1 Deep Forest
A2 Tiger Rag
A3 Tin Roof Blues
A4 Limehouse Blues
A5 Memphis Blues
B1 Wang Wang Blues
B2 Rosetta
B3 Relaxin' At The Touro
B4 Bill Bailey
B5 St. James Infirmary
C1 High Society
C2 Boogie On The St. Louis Blues
C3 Struttin' With Some Barbecue
C4 Ugly Cile
C5 Bugle Call Rag
D1 Wolverine Blues
D2 Lazy River
D3 That's A Plenty
D4 If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
D5 Royal Garden Blues

Vogue ‎406501

May 5, 2018

Duke Ellington And His Orchestra ‎- Midnight in Paris

A1. Under Paris Skies (H. Giraud) (2: 46)
A2. I Wish You Love (C. Trenet) (3: 52)
A3. Mademoiselle De Paris (P. Durand) (3: 23)
A4. Comme Ci, Comme Ça (B. Coquatrix) (3:04)
A5. Speak To Me Of Love (J. Lenoir) (2:03)
A6. A Midnight In Paris (B. Strayhorn) (3:36)
A7. (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings (L. Herpin - J-M. Blanvillain Jamblan - H. Rome) (2:06)
B1. Guitar Amour (D. Ellington) (5:01)
B2. The Petite Waltz (J. Heyne) (4:15)
B3. Paris Blues (D. Ellington) (4:22)
B4. Javapachacha (Apache) (traditional; arr. D. Ellington) (3:57)
B5. No Regrets (C. Dumont) (2:14)
B6. The River Seine (G. LaFarge) (2:14)

Cat Anderson (trumpet), Bill Berry (trumpet 1-3, 5-8, 10, 12, 13), Shorty Baker (trumpet 1, 4, 5, 8-11), Roy Burrowes (trumpet 2, 3, 6, 7, 12, 13), Howard McGhee (trumpet 4, 9, 11), Ray Nance (cornet; violin 8)
Lawrence Brown (trombone), Lyle Cox (trombone 1, 4, 5, 8-11), Buster Cooper (trombone 2, 7, 12, 13), Britt Woodman (trombone 3, 6), Chuck Connors (bass trombone)
Paul Gonsalves (tenor saxophone)
Johnny Hodges (alto saxophone)
Russell Procope (alto saxophone, clarinet)
Harry Carney (baritone saxophone)
Jimmy Hamilton (clarinet, tenor saxophone)
Billy Strayhorn (piano 1, 4, 5, 8-11), Duke Ellington (piano 2, 3, 6, 7, 12, 13)
Aaron Bell (bass)
Sam Woodyard (drums)

Track 1 recorded at Columbia Studio A, New York City, February 27, 1962.
Tracks 2, 7, 12, 13 recorded at Columbia Studio A, New York City, June 26, 1962.
Tracks 3, 6 recorded at Columbia Studio A, New York City, June 21, 1962.
Tracks 4, 9, 11 recorded at Columbia Studio A, New York City, January 31, 1962.
Tracks 5, 8, 10 recorded at Columbia Studio A, New York City, January 30, 1962.

Columbia COL 4684032; Columbia ‎CS 8707; CBS ‎CBS 84414; CBS SBPG 62120; CBS BPG 62120; CBS ‎APS 60.035; Harmony ‎HS 11236; Harmony HL 7436; Music For Pleasure ‎MFP 8224

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All American In Jazz + Midnight In Paris (Bonus Track Version)

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