April 23, 2017

David Marriott, Jr. - Septology: In the Beginning

1. On the First Day (D. Marriott) (7:43)
2. On the Second Day (D. Marriott) (5:43)
3. On the Third Day (D. Marriott) (11:47)
4. On the Fourth Day (D. Marriott) (7:30)
5. On the Fifth Day (D. Marriott) (9:37)
6. On the Sixth Day (D. Marriott) (5:18)
7. On the Seventh Day (free) (D. Marriott) (1:33)

Thomas Marriott (trumpet
David Marriott, Jr. (trombone, composer, arranger)
Mark Taylor (alto, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone)
Robert Davis (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet)
John Hansen (piano)
Geoff Harper (bass)
Jon Wikan (drums)

Recorded at Ironwood Studios, Seattle, Washington, June 6, 1998.

Red Raspus Records


April 17, 2017

J.D. Allen Trio ‎- The Matador and the Bull

1. The Matador and the Bull (Torero) (2:52)
2. A Suit of Lights (2:41)
3. Ring Shout! (3:23)
4. Santa Maria (Mother) (4:06)
5. Cathedral (3:38)
6. Paseillo (3:59)
7. Erlanger (2:58)
8. Pinyin (3:52)
9. Vuela (The Whisperer) (4:45)
10. The Lyrics of Summer and Shadow (3:21)
11. Muleta (1:55)
12. The Matador and the Bull (Toro) (3:16)

Composed By, Tenor Saxophone, Producer – J.D. Allen
Bass – Gregg August
Drums – Rudy Royston

Recorded at Tedesco Studios, Paramus, NJ, February 20, 2012.

Savant ‎SCD 2121


April 11, 2017

Nicole Mitchell's Ice Crystal - Aquarius

1. Aqua Blue (N. Mitchell) (4:03)
2. Today, Today (N. Mitchell) (8:07)
3. Yearning (N. Mitchell) (6:42)
4. Aquarius (N. Mitchell) (8:02)
5. Above The Sky (N. Mitchell) (6:48)
6. Diga, Diga (N. Mitchell) (4:25)
7. Adaptability (N. Mitchell) (8:38)
8. Expectation (N. Mitchell) (8:00)
9. Sunday Afternoon (N. Mitchell) (9:38)
10. Fred Anderson (N. Mitchell) (4:10)

Nicole Mitchell (flute)
Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone)
Joshua Abrams (bass)
Frank Rosaly (drums)
Calvin Gantt (spoken word 10)

Recorded at Riverside Studio, Chicago, November 7 & 08, 2012.

Delmark Records ‎DE 5004; Delmark DE 5004


April 5, 2017

The New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble - Scott Joplin: The Red Back Book

A1. The Cascades (S. Joplin) (3:27)
A2. Sun Flower Slow Drag (S. Joplin - S. Hayden) (3:07)
A3. The Chrysanthemum (S. Joplin) (3:44)
A4. The Entertainer (solo piano version) (S. Joplin) (3:51)
A5. The Rag Time Dance (S. Joplin) (4:00)
B1. Sugar Cane (S. Joplin) (3:20)
B2. The Easy Winners (S. Joplin) (3:56)
B3. The Entertainer (S. Joplin) (4:15)
B4. Sun Flower Slow Drag (solo piano version) (S. Joplin - S. Hayden) (3:27)
B5. Maple Leaf Rag (S. Joplin) (3:11)

Charles Lewis (trumpet)
Ray Cutler (trombone)
Victor Sawa (clarinet)
David Reskin (flute, piccolo flute)
Gary Ofenloch (tuba)
Myron Romanul (piano)
Michael Singer (bass)
Mark Belair (drums)
Juan Ramirez-Hernandez (1st violin)
Tibor Pusztai (2nd violin)
Juan Dandridge (viola)
Bruce Coppock (cello)
Gunther Schuller (conductor)
E.J. Stark (arranger A1), D.S. De Lisle (arranger A2, A5, B3), others not credited

Recorded at Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts, February 12 & 13, 1973.

Supraphon 1115 2935 ZD; Angel Records S-36060; His Master's Voice (EMI) 5C 053-81503


Scott Joplin ‎- The Entertainer: Classic Ragtime Piano Solos From Rare Piano Rolls

A1. The Entertainer (S. Joplin) (3:43)
A2. The Easy Winners (S. Joplin) (3:31)
A3. Pine Apple Rag (S. Joplin) (3:21)
A4. Solace (S. Joplin) (4:39)
A5. Gladiolus Rag (S. Joplin) (3:48)
A6. The Ragtime Dance (S. Joplin) (3:37)
B1. Sugar Cane (S. Joplin) (3:29)
B2. The Crush Collision March (S. Joplin) (4:12)
B3. Bethena - A Concert Waltz (S. Joplin) (4:33)
B4. Combination March (S. Joplin) (3:30)
B5. A Breeze From Alabama (S. Joplin) (4:03)

The first three tracks of this CD (LP) are audio recordings from piano rolls cut by Scott Joplin himself in April and May of 1916. They are excellent and give any pianist great insight as to how Joplin meant the pieces to be played, both in terms of tempo and phrasing. Joplin also includes embellishments that are not reflected in the printed sheet music. These recordings are thus great resources for advanced pianists ready for bigger challenges.

The remaining tracks are unfortunately rather mechanical and lifeless - at least when contrasted to those played by Joplin himself. For this reason, I rate the CD (LP) at only four stars. Nonetheless, I strongly recommend the CD (LP) to anyone who is serious about playing Scott Joplin's pieces or simply loves his music.

Biograph Records ‎BLP-1013Q-Stereo; Biograph Records 9283 114


April 2, 2017

Charles Mingus ‎- In A Soulful Mood

1. Bugs (take 3) ( ) (8:28)
2. Reincarnation Of A Love Bird ( ) (6:56)
3. Vassarlean ( ) (6:36)
4. Stormy Weather ( ) (13:22)
5. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (take 4) ( ) (3:52)
6. Body & Soul (take 2) ( ) (10:43)
7. Mysterious Blues ( ) (8:37)
8. R & R (take 1) ( ) (11:51)

Lonnie Hillyer (trumpet 1-3), Ted Curson (trumpet 2-4), Roy Eldridge (trumpet 5-8)
Jimmy Knepper (trombone 6-8)
Booker Ervin (tenor saxophone 1-3)
Charles McPherson (alto saxophone 1-3)
Eric Dolphy (alto saxophone 4, 6-8; bass clarinet 2, 3)
Paul Bley (piano 1, 2), Nico Bunick (piano 3), Tommy Flanagan (piano 5-8)
Charles Mingus (bass)
Dannie Richmond (drums 1-4), Jo Jones (drums 5-8)

Tracks 1, 5-8 recorded at Cliff Walk Manor Hotel, Newport, Rhode Island, November 11th, 1960.
Tracks 2-4 recorded at Cliff Walk Manor Hotel, Newport, Rhode Island, October 20th, 1960.

Music Club 50004; Music Club MCCD 201; Music Club MCCDSE 201


Charles Mingus - Town Hall Concert (Charles Mingus at Town Hall) (1962 LP)

1. Clark In The Dark (Freedom, Part 2) (C. Mingus) (2:50)
2. Epitaph, Part 1 (C. Mingus) (6:45)
3. Epitaph, Part 2 (C. Mingus) (3:32)
4. Freedom, Part 1 (C. Mingus) (3:37)
5. My Search (C. Mingus) (8:05)
6. Don't Come Back (Duke's Choice) (C. Mingus) (3:00)
7. Finale (In A Mellotone) (C. Mingus) (7:35)

Ed Armour, Rolf Ericson, Lonnie Hillyer, Ernie Royal, Clark Terry, Richard Williams, Snooky Young (trumpet)
Eddie Bert, Jimmy Cleveland, Willie Dennis, Paul Faulise, Quentin Jackson, Britt Woodman (trombone)
George Berg, Zoot Sims (tenor saxophone)
Buddy Collette, Eric Dolphy, Charlie Mariano, Charles McPherson (alto saxophone)
Pepper Adams, Jerome Richardson (baritone saxophone)
Danny Bank (bass clarinet)
Romeo Penque (oboe)
Warren Smith (vibraphone, percussion)
Les Spann (guitar)
Toshiko Akiyoshi, Jaki Byard (piano)
Milt Hinton (bass)
Charles Mingus (bass, narrator)
Dannie Richmond (drums)
Grady Tate (percussion)

Tracks 1-5 recorded live at the Town Hall, New York City, 1st set, October 12, 1962.
Tracks 6, 7 recorded live at the Town Hall, New York City, 2nd set, October 12, 1962.

United Artists Solid State Series UASS 18 024 K; United Artists UAJ 14024; United Artists UAJS 15024