October 23, 2018

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass - Live (Scenes: Live at Ronnie Scott's)

1. Mr. Clean (W. Irvine) (6:41)
2. Con Alma (D. Gillespie) (4:25)
3. Sideways (P. Herbolzheimer) (5:20)
4. Hoops (D. Reith) (5:19)
5. Scenes (P. Herbolzheimer) (5:47)
6. Don't Speak Now (P. Herbolzheimer) (4:37)
7. Blues In My Shoes (P. Herbolzheimer) (8:43)

Ronnie Simmonds, Ack van Rooyen, Art Farmer, Palle Mikkelborg, Kenny Wheeler (tp)
Ake Persson, Jiggs Whigham, Rudi Füsers (tb), Peter Herbolzheimer (tb; arr 1-3, 5-7)
Ferdinand Povel (as, ss, fl)
Philip Catherine (g)
Dieter Reith (org, el-p, synt; arr 4)
Günter Lenz (b, el-b 1, 3-7), Jean Warland (el-b 2)
Kenny Clare (dr)
Sabu Martinez (cga, perc)
Horst Mühlbradt (perc, el-p 2, 3, 7)

Recorded live at Ronnie Scott's Club, London, May 1974.

Amiga Jazz 8 55 846 (16,10M); MPS (G) 68041; MPS (G) 21.22284-5; MPS 15425

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October 9, 2018

The New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble - Scott Joplin: The Red Back Book

A1. The Cascades (S. Joplin) (3:27)A2. Sun Flower Slow Drag (S. Joplin - S. Hayden) (3:07)
A3. The Chrysanthemum (S. Joplin) (3:44)
A4. The Entertainer (solo piano version) (S. Joplin) (3:51)
A5. The Rag Time Dance (S. Joplin) (4:00)
B1. Sugar Cane (S. Joplin) (3:20)
B2. The Easy Winners (S. Joplin) (3:56)
B3. The Entertainer (S. Joplin) (4:15)
B4. Sun Flower Slow Drag (solo piano version) (S. Joplin - S. Hayden) (3:27)
B5. Maple Leaf Rag (S. Joplin) (3:11)

Charles Lewis (trumpet)
Ray Cutler (trombone)
Victor Sawa (clarinet)
David Reskin (flute, piccolo flute)
Gary Ofenloch (tuba)
Myron Romanul (piano)
Michael Singer (bass)
Mark Belair (drums)
Juan Ramirez-Hernandez (1st violin)
Tibor Pusztai (2nd violin)
Juan Dandridge (viola)
Bruce Coppock (cello)
Gunther Schuller (conductor)
E.J. Stark (arranger A1), D.S. De Lisle (arranger A2, A5, B3), others not credited

Recorded at Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts, February 12 & 13, 1973.

Supraphon 1115 2935 ZD; Angel Records S-36060; His Master's Voice (EMI) 5C 053-81503


October 7, 2018

roy eldridge - me and you blues (quadromania 222426-444)


October 1, 2018

The Jomar Dagron Quartet - Featuring Phil Urso

1. Extra Mild (P. Urso) (5:28)
2. Squeeze Me (D. Ellington) (3:42)
3. Blues #One (R. Washington - D. Walton) (3:56)
4. Satin Doll (D. Ellington) (4:38)
5. Pent Up House (S. Rollins) (4:20)
6. Line for Lyons (G. Mulligan) (5:07)
7. Star Eyes (D. Raye - G. DePaul) (4:50)
8. Dag's Scene (D. Walton) (2:48)

Ron Washington (tenor saxophone)
Phil Urso (baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone)
Dag Walton (organ)
Gene Klingman (bass)
Jo Jo Williams (drums)

Recorded in Louisville, Colorado, cca. 1960's

Legacy Records MK 1050


September 18, 2018

Rão Kyao & Perez Prado

Rão Kyao
bambu.zip - 100.63 MB
delírios ibericos.zip - 84.56 MB
em cantado.zip - 151.75 MB
fado bailado.zip - 80.78
goa.zip - 91.42 MB
live in cascais.zip - 92.58 MB
malpertuis.zip - 83.00 MB
Perez Prado
the fabulous pérez prado.zip - 69.22 MB

September 1, 2018

Max Collie Rhythm Aces ‎- Battle Of Trafalgar

A1. Shimmee Sha Wabble (5:49)
A2. All The Girls Go Crazy (5:20)
A3. Beale St. Blues (5:00)
A4. Red Wing (5:05)
B1. The Entertainer (4:59)
B2. Panama (6:37)
B3. Ballin' The Jack (5:37)
B4. St. Phillips St. Breakdown (4:32)
C1. Alexanders Ragtime Band (6:16)
C2. Weatherbird Rag (3:21)
C3. Some Of These Days (3:46)
C4. Yellow Dog Blues (7:48)
D1. Gettysburg March (4:56)
D2. Tiger Rag (6:34)
D3. There'll Be Some Changes Made (6:28)

Phil Mason (trumpet)
Max Collie (trombone, vocal)
Jack Gilbert (clarinet)
Gentleman Jim McIntosh (banjo)
Trefor Fingers Williams (bass)
Ron McKay (drums, vocal)

Recorded live at The Trafalgar, 200 Kings Rd, Chelsea, London, Sunday 8th April 1973.

Reality R106; Disques Espérance ‎ESP 155509

LP 1
LP 2

Mickey Bass - Another Way Out

1. But Beautiful (J. VanHeusen - J. Burke) (5:56)
2. Danielle's Waltz (S. Nelson) (6:30)
3. Samba de Mama (C. Jefferson) (9:34)
4. Dear Old Stockholm (traditional) (9:13)
5. Lust for Love (M. Bass) (5:00)
6. Hippopotamus With Green Shoes On (M. Carvin) (7:14)

Carter Jefferson (tenor saxophone)
Steve Nelson (vibraphone)
Lee Oddis Mickey Bass (bass)
Michael Carvin (drums)

Recorded at Roxy Recorders, New York City, 20. 1. 1982.

Early Bird mickeybass2; Early Bird EBCD 103