December 6, 2016

Justin Robinson - In the Spur of the Moment

1. In the Spur of the Moment (S. Scott) (4:19)
2. Father (R. Hargrove) (5:39)
3. You Don't Know What Love Is (G. DePaul - D. Raye) (7:48)
4. Nusia's Poem (G. Bartz) (6:18)
5. N.A.C. (R. Kendrick) (5:23)
6. Light Blue (T. Monk) (3:49)
7. Like Sonny (J. Coltrane) (4:54)
8. An Affair to Remember (H. Warren) (7:30)
9. Cool Blues (C. Parker) (3:43)

Roy Hargrove (trumpet 2, 4)
Justin Robinson (alto saxophone)
Larry Willis (piano)
Dwayne Burno (bass)
Willie Jones III (drums, producer)

Recorded at Systems Two Studios, September 29, 2010.

WJ3 Records WJ31011

December 3, 2016

Various ‎Artists - The Big Bands: Harlem Roots, Vol. 1

A1. Cottontail (Duke Ellington & His Orchestra) (3:06)
A2. Flamingo (Duke Ellington & His Orchestra) (3:01)
A3. Bli-Blip (Duke Ellington & His Orchestra) (2:54)
A4. I Got It Bad (Duke Ellington & His Orchestra) (2:54)
A5. Minnie The Moocher (Cab Calloway & His Orchestra) (3:01)
A6. Blues In The Night (Cab Calloway & His Orchestra) (3:12)
A7. The Skunk Song (Cab Calloway & His Orchestra) (2:59)
B1. Air Mail Special (Count Basie & His Orchestra) (2:51)
B2. Take Me Back Baby (Count Basie & His Orchestra) (2:39)
B3. I Want A Big Fat Mama (Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra) (3:01)
B4. I Want A Man (Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra) (3:09)
B5. Hello Bill (Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra) (2:56)
B6. Four Of Five Time (Rosetta Tharpe With Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra) (2:33)
B7. Shout Sister Sout (Rosetta Tharpe With Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra) (2:48)

PGP RTB 2420309; Storyville SLP-6000

Various ‎Artists - The Headliners: Harlem Roots, Vol. 2

A1. The Joint Is Jumpin' (Fats Waller & His Rhythm) (2:47)
A2. Ain't Misbehavin' (Fats Waller & His Rhythm) (3:12)
A3. Your Feet's Too Big (Fats Waller & His Rhythm) (3:01)
A4. Honeysuckle Rose (Fats Waller & His Rhythm) (2:55)
A5. Down Down Down (Louis Jordan & His Tymphany Five) (3:03)
A6. Fuzzy Wuzzy (Louis Jordan & His Tymphany Five) (2:51)
A7. Honey Chile (Louis Jordan & His Tymphany Five) (2:44)
B1. Swingin' On Nothin' (Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra) (3:03)
B2. You Rascal You (Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra) (2:58)
B3. Shine (Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra) (2:55)
B4. Sleepy Time Down South (Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra) (3:09)
B5. Five Guys Named Moe (Louis Jordan & His Tymphany Five) (2:47)
B6. Jumpin' At The Jubilee (Louis Jordan & His Tymphany Five) (2:36)
B7. Caldonia (Louis Jordan & His Tymphany Five) (2:52)

PGP RTB 2420317; Storyville SLP 6001

Various Artists - Harlem Roots, Vol. 3: Rhythm in Harmony

A1. You Always Hurt the One You Love (3:03)
A2. Till Then (2:42)
A3. Lazy River (2:32)
A4. Caravan (2:41)
A5. Cielito Lindo (2:52)
A6. Rockin' Chair (3:01)
A7. Paper Doll (2:35)
B1. Dry Bones (2:45)
B2. Jack, You Are Playing the Game (2:50)
B3. Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin' (2:45)
B4. Rigoletto Blues (2:40)
B5. Snoqualomie Jo Jo (2:51)
B6. Take the A Train (2:38)

PGP RTB 2420325; Storyville ‎SLP-6002

Various ‎Artists - Harlem Roots, Vol. 4: Jivin' Time

A1. Got A Penny Benny (Nat King Cole Trio) (2:50)
A2. Drink Hearty (Henry Red Allen And His Orchestra) (2:57)
A3. Shine (Bob Howard) (2:29)
A4. She's Too Hot To Handle (Bob Howard) (2:28)
A5. No, No, Baby (Skeets Tolbert & His Band) (2:44)
A6. Rhythm Of The Rhythm Band (The Musical Madcaps) (3:20)
A7. Sandin' Joe (Dallas Bartley & His Band) (2:35)
B1. A Zoot Suit (Dorothy Dandridge) (2:55)
B2. Jig In The Jungle (Dorothy Dandridge) (2:40)
B3. Lonesome Road (Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra) (2:49)
B4. Chicken Shack Shuffle (Mabel Lee) (2:39)
B5. The Cat Can't Dance (Mabel Lee) (2:44)
B6. Hey Lawdy Mama (June Richmond) (2:37)
B7. They Raided The Joint (Vanitta Smythe) (2:56)

As stated on the sleeve, some musicians could not be identified or verified: Piano at the track A2 was probably played by Bill Thompson. Drums at the track A2 were played either by Edward Bourne or Alvin Burroughs. The names of the trumpeter, tenor saxophonist, pianist, bassist and drummer at the track A5 is unindentified. The name of the guitarist at A6 is unindentiied. The name of the tenor saxophonist at the track A7 is not identified and the piano was probably played by Robert Mosely. The names of the orchestras that played at the tracks A3, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4 and B7 are unindentified.

PGP RTB 2420332L; Storyville SLP-6003

November 10, 2016

Various Artists - Tub Jug Washboard Bands 1924-1932

A1. Tub Jug Washboard Band - Tub Jug Rag
A2. Tub Jug Washboard Band - San
A3. Whistler & His Jug Band - Chicago Flip
A4. Whistler & His Jug Band - Jerry O'Mine
A5. George Chicken Wilson - Chicken Wilson Blues
A6. George Chicken Wilson - House Snake Blues
A7. Cincinnati Jug Band - Newport Blues
A8. Cincinnati Jug Band - George Street Stomp
B1. Bob Coleman - Tear It Down
B2. Bob Coleman - Cincinnati Underworld Woman
B3. Guy Lumpkin - Decatur Street Drag
B4. Eddie Mapp - Riding The Blinds
B5. Walter Taylor & The Washboard Trio - Thirty Eight And Plus
B6. Walter Taylor & The Washboard Trio - Diamond Ring Blues
B7. Picaninny Jug Band - You Got To Have That Thing
B8. Picaninny Jug Band - Bottle It Up And Go

Golden Jazz 93.522; Riverside Classic Jazz Masters Serie 8802; Riverside RLP 8802

November 9, 2016

Scott Joplin - Ragtime Pioneer 1899-1914

A1. Original Rags (1899) (3:00)
A2. Maple Leaf Rag (1899) (3:02)
A3. Sunflower Slow Drag (1901) (3:05)
A4. The Entertainer (1902) (3:04)
A5. Something Doing (1903) (2:44)
A6. Weeping Willow Rag (1903) (3:04)
A7. The Cascades (1904) (2:12)
B1. Fig Leaf Rag (1908) (3:48)
B2. Pineapple Rag (1908) (4:55)
B3. Euphonic Sounds (1909) (2:52)
B4. Stoptime Rag (1910) (2:35)
B5. Scott Joplin's New Rag (1912) (2:47)
B6. Magnetic Rag (1914) (2:5)

Released in France in 1974, part of the Pierre Cardin Golden Jazz collection.

Les Disques Pierre Cardin 93.511