November 12, 2007

Bill Barron & Ted Curson - Now, Hear This

Around the World
Big Bill
The Leopard
Hurdy Gurdy
Dwackdi Mun Fudalick
Jes Swingin'
In A Monastery garden
You Are Too Beautiful

Ted Curson (trumpet)
Bill Barron (tenor sax)
Kenny Barron (piano)
Ronnie Boykins (bass)
Dick Berk (drums)

Recorded at RCA Studios, New York City, 5. 12. 1964.


wightdj said...

One of the best working bands of the '60s. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great album, thank you !

neil said...

First heard Curson with Eric Dolphy on 'Plenty of Horn'.
Thanks for the opportunity to hear more...

Baal said...

Link no good

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian. Please, please re-up Bill Barron's "Now, Hear This!" and Ted's "Cattin' Curson." Thanks from Hulaboy.

brian said...

will be...

brian said...