May 16, 2009

Ira Sullivan - After Hours

1. It Was A Very Good Year (E. Drake) (6:21)
2. Dear Old Stockholm (Ack Värmeland, Du Sköna) (traditional) (7:48)
3. Monday's Dance (I. Sullivan) (8:03)
4. Con Alma (D. Gillespie) (7:47)
5. Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most (T. Wolf - F. Landesman) (9:02)
6. Day By Day (S. Schwartz) (8:07)
7. Ira's Blues (I. Sullivan) (6:55)
8. Key Largo (B. Carter - K. Suessdorf - L. Worth) (7:22)

Ira Sullivan (tenor saxophone; soprano saxophone)
Bill Carrothers (piano 1-4, 7, 8), Bobby Peterson (piano 5, 6)
Billy Peterson (bass)
Kenny Horst (drums)

Recorded at the Creation Audio Studio A, Minneapolis, MN, 11. 5. 1996. and 12. & 13. 6. 1998.

Go Jazz 6052; Go Jazz CD: 6052-2


P.S. That's a pretty crappy scans. If someone have better, please...


sasha said...

Hi There!! Hope comments in english are cool with you..Many, many thanks for this and all your postings..This is one fine blog you are running here.

Christopher said...

Thank you so much for this record. Ira and Carrothers together is a fantastic combination

brian said...

thanks... for your comments...!

sasha said...

Absolutely!! Great blog here..Any more Ira either as leader or in combination with Red Rodney would be most welcome...Sorry to be greedy but this man's work has made quite an impact on me!

seliM said...

thanks brian for this wonderful album
sullivan is one of those who were cruelly underrecorded
i love his soprano playing and this album makes us taste his wonderful tone

Groovin High said...

I haven't listened to this yet...but just wanted to say thanks in general for the wonderful music to be found at your blog...most of which I have never heard (or heard of) before.

brian said...

... i'm yours humble servant!

Anonymous said...

I know Ira Sullivan playing with JR Monterose it's a formidable Sax, thank you Brian.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you - but part 4 is dead - could you please re-up it when you have time? Cheers!