December 31, 2009

Buck Hill - I'm Beginning to See the Light

1. Blue Hill (B. Hill) (3:53)
2. Lullaby of Loosdrecht (B. Hill) (7:52)
3. Mitzi (B. Hill) (4:32)
4. Bossa for Sax (B. Hill) (8:55)
5. I'm Beginning to See the Light (D. Ellington - J. Hodges - H. James - D. George) (5:16)
6. But Beautiful (J. VanHeusen - J. Burke) (8:25)
7. I Want to Be Happy (V. Youmans - I. Caesar) (3:26)
8. Warm Valley (D. Ellington) (3:26)
9. Blues in Five for Four or More (B. Hill) (4:08)

Buck Hill (tenor saxophone)
Jon Ozment (piano)
Carroll Dashiell (bass)
Warren Shado (drums)

Recorded at Sound On Sound Recording, New York City, 12. 6. 1991.

Muse MCD-5449; Muse/Impulse 5449


yewsta said...

Najlepša hvala - zelo dober album popolnoma neznan pred mano.

aroonie said...

Many thanks for Buck Hill. Wonderful! Great music . Thank you again

motown_jazz said...

Great post. Do you happen to have Buck Hill's CD Capitol Hill?

grumpy said...

Thank you for this, previously unknown to me.

Anonymous said...

can you re-up this one to please Theres some RapidShare ones there are daed so this is one of them Thank You Very Much....