April 18, 2010

Johnny Griffin - Live at Ronnie Scott's

1. Lester Leaps In (L. Young) (8:58)
2. When We Were One (J. Griffin) (12:52)
3. The Blues Walk (C. Brown) (6:00)
4. Mentor (R. Hargrove) (6:08)
5. How Deep Is the Ocean (I. Berlin) (5:24)
6. The Jamfs Are Coming (J. Griffin) (8:57)
7. Hot Sake (J. Griffin) (12:27)

Roy Hargrove (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Johnny Griffin (tenor saxophone)
James Pearson (piano 1), Dave Newton (piano 2-4, 6, 7), Paul Kuhn (piano, vocal 5)
Reggie Johnson (bass)
Billy Cobham (drums)

Recorded live at the Ronnie Scott's Club, London, UK, 26. & 27. 5. 2008.

In & Out 02070952



s.e.l.i.m. said...

thanks brian
very good present to all of us who love mr little giant.

Brad Geiger said...

Love anything by Johnny Griffin. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This generous post is very much appreciated. Thanks & best wishes from Bangkok.

aroonie said...

Thank you Brian. Johnny Griffin is always welcome and this recording is a definite pleasure. Thanks and greetings.

jazzlover said...

Amazing post, great line up,many thnx brian!

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Newlyner said...

Brian. Any chance this could be re-listed.