May 3, 2010

Gary Bartz Ntu Troop - I've Known Rivers and Other Bodies

1. Nummo-The Majick Song (G. Bartz) (4:16)
2. Sifa Zote (G. Bartz) (6:28)
3. Ju Ju Man (G. Bartz) (10:39)
4. Bertha Baptist (S. James) (7:06)
5. Don't Fight That Feeling (G. Bartz) (6:47)
6. Mama's Soul (H. Eaves) (7:32)
7. I've Known Rivers (G. Bartz) (8:35)
8. The Warrior's Song (G. Bartz) (6:38)
9. Uhuru Sassa (G. Bartz) (2:20)
10. Dr. Follow's Dance (G. Bartz) (10:32)
11. Peace and Love (G. Bartz) (7:33)

Gary Bartz (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, vocal)
Hubert Eaves (piano, electric piano)
Stafford James (bass, electric bass)
Howard King (drums)

Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland, 7. 7. 1973.

Prestige 66001; Prestige 660012


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