May 7, 2010

Odean Pope - Plant Life

1. Two Dreams, Pt. 1 (O. Pope) (6:33)
2. Happiness Tears (S. Murray) (7:26)
3. Plant Life (O. Pope) (5:48)
4. I Want to Talk About You (S. Murray) (9:15)
5. Scorpio Twins (O. Pope) (5:25)
6. Thoughts (O. Pope) (5:26)
7. Multiphonic (O. Pope) (5:58)
8. Two Dreams, Pt. 2 (O. Pope) (6:13)

Odean Pope (tenor saxophone)
Lee Smith (bass)
Sunny Murray (drums)

Recorded at Rittenhouse Recording, Philadelphia, PA, 18. 5. 2008.

Porter Records PRCD-4017


Anonymous said...

You have some wonderful things posted here. I'm a little unsure what to do with the files, though. These high sampling rate FLAC files won't convert to other formats with any of the software I am familiar with. Can you suggest a good program (for example to convert them to a format such as mp3 for listening to on an IPod?) Thank you for any suggestions. And thank you for the great music.

-David Davidos

brian said...

If you are a Mac user, you could use Toast or Max!

For PC someone could suggest you....

Otis Foster said...

For PCs, Total Audio Converter is one of many tools (shareware):

SpeSoft Audio Converter is a very fast freeware program:

Olde Edo said...

For Mac, XLD will convert practically any lossless format to MP3, etc. Free software. Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

I only know about his work with the misled children... it looks interesting, unfortunately the links is old and gone. Any Chance for a reup? R.