May 23, 2010

Sonny Rollins - Reel Life

1. Reel Life (S. Rollins) (6:14)
2. McGhee (H. McGhee) (4:20)
3. Rosita's Best Friend (S. Rollins) (6:22)
4. Sonny Side Up (Y. Masuo) (6:47)
5. My Little Brown Book (B. Strayhorn) (3:55)
6. Best Wishes (S. Rollins) (5:43)
7. Solo Reprise (Sonny) (S. Rollins) (2:12)

Sonny Rollins (tenor saxophone)
Bobby Broom (electric guitar 1-6)
Yoshiaki Masuo (electric guitar 1, 2, 4, 6; acoustic guitar, claves 3)
Bob Cranshaw (electric bass 1-6; cabasa 3)
Jack DeJohnette (drums 1-6; conga, maracas 3)
Lucille Rollins (cowbell 3)

Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA, 17-22. 8. 1982.

Milestone Records 5161; OJC 31335


Anonymous said...

part 3 ?

brian said...

I've tried and it works!

Anonymous said...

part 2 was deleted.
Pls reupload, thankyou

brian said...

Fal_Jo said...

Thank you very much my friend
I'm looking for this album years. I have full discography of the great Sonny if you want something i can happily sent it to you. e-mail me at
thanks again "Jo"

Guelda said...

Nice album, but I would have appreciated if Rollins would have let more room for his fellow soloists (especially Bobby Broom).

Anyway thank you very much for sharing this groovy one !