September 25, 2010

Ted Curson - Cattin' Curson

1. Typical Ted (Cattin' Curson) (T. Curson) (9:37)
2. Searchin' the Blues (T. Curson) (9:12)
3. Medley: Flatted 5th / Marjo / Airi Tune / Tests / False Starts (T. Curson) (14:35)
4. Flatted Fifth (T. Curson) (8:27)
5. Marjo (T. Curson) (6:01)
6. Airi Tune (T. Curson) (8:32)

Ted Curson (trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet)
Chris Woods (alto saxophone, flute)
Georges Arvanitas (piano)
Jacky Samson (bass)
Charles Saudrais (drums)

Recorded live at the Bilboquet Club, Paris, France, 26. 10. 1973.

Marge 01; EPM 152112; EPM FD152112


SoandSo said...

Thank you !!!

grumpy said...

A seriously under-recorded player!
Many thanks for this in lossless.

Sivad said...

many thanks for this treasure, Brian!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, links deleted :(
And in the meaniest way: part 2 & 3.
Bloody Rapidshare...

brian said...

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Chris said...

Unfortunately, the first bloody rapidshare link is also now deleted. only Part 2 & 3 available via other megaupload links. Part 4 still via rapidshare.