September 7, 2010

Wadada Leo Smith - Spiritual Dimensions

DISC 1 (Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet)
1. Al-Shadhili's Litany of the Sea: Sunrise (W. L. Smith) (12:57)
2. Pacifica (W. L. Smith) (5:49)
3. Umar at the Dome of the Rock, Parts 1 & 2 (W. L. Smith) (14:52)
4. Crossing Sirat (W. L. Smith) (6:21)
5. South Central L.A. Kulture (W. L. Smith) (15:42)

Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet)
Vijay Iyer (piano, synthesizer)
John Lindberg (bass)
Pheeroan Aklaff, Don Moye (drums)

Recorded live at Vision Festival XIII, New York City, Friday, 9:30 PM, 13. 6. 2008.

DISC 2 (Wadada Leo Smith's Organic)
1. South Central L.A. Kulture (W. L. Smith) (12:37)
2. Angela Davis (W. L. Smith) (19:18)
3. Organic (W. L. Smith) (18:07)
4. Joy: Spiritual Fire: Joy (in memory of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed) (W. L. Smith) (13:34)

Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet)
Michael Gregory, Brandon Ross (electric guitar)
Nels Cline (6- & 12-string electric guitar)
Lamar Smith (electric guitar 1, 4)
Okkyung Lee (cello)
Skuli Sverrisson (electric bass)
John Lindberg (acoustic bass)
Pheeroan Aklaff (drums)

Recorded live at Firehouse 12, New Haven, Connecticut, 17. 4. 2009.
Nels Cline overdubs recorded at Soop Studios, Los Angeles, California.

Cuneiform Records Rune 290/291; Cuneiform Records 750290



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Thx for your kind & fast reupload. Two really great sessions from an amazing musician still growing today. Be blessed for sharing such uplifting stuff.