October 3, 2010

Serge Chaloff with Boots Mussulli - Serge Chaloff and Boots Mussulli

1. You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me (S. Fain - I. Kahal - P. Norman) (3:21)
2. Zoot (Zdot) (S. Chaloff - M. Chaloff) (2:48)
3. Oh Baby (O. Murphy) (5:55)
4. Love Is Just Around the Corner (L. E. Gensler - L. Robin) (2:59)
5. Easy Street (A. R. Jones) (3:27)
6. All I Do Is Dream of You (A. Freed - N. H. Brown) (4:36)

Boots Mussulli (alto saxophone)
Serge Chaloff (baritone saxophone)
Russ Freeman (piano)
Jimmy Woode (bass)
Buzzy Drootin (drums)

Recorded in Boston, Mass, 9. 6. 1954.

Japanese Import 72295; Storyville STLP 310

https://rapidshare.com/files/4149600417/serge and boots.zip


Frasco said...

Thank you Brian!

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jose juan said...

Muchas gracias Brian, me gusta mucho Chaloff y no conocía este disco, así que lo bajé y me parece estupendo, espero seguir encontrando discos así.

anomia said...

Thanks, but, the first 3 tracks aren't in the archive???!!!

01 ???!!!
02 ???!!!
03 ???!!!
04 Love Is Just Around The Corner.flac
05 Easy Street.flac
06 All I Do Is Dream Of You.flac

anomia said...

Sorry the're there! My mistake!

stringbender said...

Thank you for posting this very rare album.

aroonie said...

Many thanks Brian. A very nice recording. A great blog - keep it going, please

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Melanchthon said...

As-to-ni-shing post ! Thank you very much, Brian !

Eric said...

Thank you for keeping so much stuff current. I recently lost a lot of music due to a hard drive crash so I thank you at least a hundred and then a hundred times more for easing the pain of the crash.