October 4, 2010

T.K. Blue - Follow the North Star

1. Ancestral Callings (T. Kibwe) (6:01)
2. The Valley of Paradise (T. Kibwe) (6:08)
3. The Song of Solomon Northup (Intro) (T. Kibwe) (2:46)
4. The Song of Solomon Northup (T. Kibwe) (6:34)
5. The Capture (Intro) (T. Kibwe) (0:46)
6. The Capture (T. Kibwe) (7:04)
7. Southern Rendezvous (Intro) (T. Kibwe) (1:35)
8. Southern Rendezvous (T. Kibwe) (6:09)
9. Valley of Despair (T. Kibwe) (4:09)
10. Free to Be Me (Intro) (T. Kibwe) (2:08)
11. Free to Be Me (T. Kibwe) (7:41)
12. Follow the North Star (T. Kibwe) (6:11)
13. The Township Diary (T. Kibwe) (8:04)

T.K. Blue (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, kalimba, arranger)
Steve Turre ( trombone, shells)
James Weidman (piano 1-12), Onaje Allan Gumbs (piano 13)
Essiet Okon Essiet (acoustic bass)
Willie Martinez (drums)
Kevin Jones (percussion)

Recorded at Kaleidoscope Studios, Union City, NJ, 29. 9. 2007.

JAJA Records 002

https://rapidshare.com/files/1587333347/follow the north star.zip


wouter said...

i didn't know t.k. blue at all, i'm enjoying the album now. thank you very much for this piece of my jazz education, brian!

Sivad said...

Thanks again!!

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