December 30, 2010

Bennie Green & Gene Ammons - The Swingin'est

1. Juggin' Around (G. Ammons) (6:31)
2. Going South (F. Foster) (10:44)
3. Jim Dog (G. Ammons) (7:05)
4. Sermonette (J. C. Adderley - J. Hendricks) (4:19)
5. A Little Ditty (F. Wess) (4:01)
6. Swingin' for Benny (B. Green) (12:10)
7. Juggin' Around (alternate take 1) (F. Foster) (6:47)
8. Jim Dog (alternate take 1) (G. Ammons) (7:31)
9. Sermonette (alternate take 7) (J. C. Adderley - J. Hendricks) (4:18)

Nat Adderley (cornet)
Bennie Green (trombone)
Gene Ammons, Frank Foster (tenor saxophone)
Frank Wess (tenor saxophone, flute)
Tommy Flanagan (piano)
Eddie Jones (bass)
Albert Heath (drums)

Recorded at the Bell Sound Studios, New York City, 12. 11. 1958.

Collectables 7171; Vee-Jay VJLP 1005; Vee-Jay VJSR 1005; Vee-Jay NVJ2-905; Vee-Jay VJLP 3024; Vee-Jay VJSR 3024; Vee-Jay VJ 320


SoandSo said...

Thank you !

itr said...

Many thanks, Brian!

Kneigh said...

The Download links for part1 and the scans work just fine. However, the links for part2 and part3 are dead. Any idea what's going on @ RS??

Thanx, Brian!!

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