December 1, 2010

Chris McGregor & the Brotherhood of Breath - Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath

1. MRA (D. Pukwana) (5:05)
2. Davashe's Dream (M. Davashe) (7:33)
3. The Bride (D. Pukwana) (7:43)
4. Andromeda (C. McGregor) (4:09)
5. Night Poem (C. McGregor) (20:43)
6. Union Special (C. McGregor) (1:44)

Chris McGregor (piano, african xylophone)
Malcolm Griffiths, Nick Evans (trombone)
Mongezi Feza (pocket trumpet, indian flute)
Mark Charig (cornet)
Harry Beckett (trumpet)
Dudu Pukwana (alto saxophone)
Ronnie Beer (tenor saxophone, indian flute)
Alan Skidmore (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone)
Harry Miller (bass)
Louis Moholo (drums, percussion)
Mike Osborne (alto saxophone, clarinet)
John Surman (baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone)

Release Date: October 1970.

Repertoire 4468; Akarma 00016298; Fledg'ling Records FLED3062; Records 3062; Disk Union 7225; Vinyl Lovers 900755


grumpy said...

Thank you. I used to own this LP but sold it years ago, great to be reunited.

jackalope said...

Thank you. I only knew of this by reputation and now I can say it is greater than the sum of its parts (and there's some pretty fine players on this)!

Sardo said...

Any chance for reup
part 3 is deleted.

Britinvdon said...

Just starting to get into the British Jazz Scene from NJO to Colosseum and in-between. Thanks very much for this!

Peter said...

gone :(