January 14, 2011

Victor Feldman - Seven Steps to Heaven (Your Smile)

1. Rock-A-Vibabe (V. Feldman) (8:17)
2. Your Smile (V. Feldman) (7:26)
3. Quietly (L. Eca - O. Dario) (2:31)
4. I Love Lucy (D. Elliott - H. Adamson) (5:16)
5. Brazilian Fire (V. Feldman) (4:32)
6. Minor Catastrophe (V. Feldman) (6:53)
7. Crazy Chicken (V. Feldman) (5:46)
8. Seven Steps to Heaven (M. Davis - V. Feldman) (6:04)

Tom Scott (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, alto flute)
Victor Feldman (piano, vibraphone, percussion)
Chuck Domanico (bass)
John Guerin (drums)

Recorded in Los Angeles, CA, cca. July 1973.

Choice CH 71005; Choice CRS1005; Choice (Jap) SHCJ-1010

https://rapidshare.com/files/269100699/seven steps to heaven.zip


Anonymous said...

Very big thanks for the Victor Feldman album. Most excellent!

Philo said...

Victor Feldman - Seven Steps to Heaven (Your Smile) (1973)

I had this encoded from vinyl.

The reissue sounds much better.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the share.

Orbyt said...

Looking forward to this. Thank you Brian.

worldbflat said...

Fantastic, one of my favorite musicians. Thank you

ita diegues said...

Thank you very much for the share.

Anonymous said...

another re-up nedeed Thank You...