February 12, 2011

Red Rodney Quintet - No Turn on Red

1. No Turn on Red (G. Dial) (7:31)
2. The Bishop (G. Dial) (6:58)
3. Young and Foolish (A. Horwitt - A. Hague) (7:39)
4. Observation and Celebration (G. Dial) (6:46)
5. An Answered Prayer (G. Dial) (2:50)
6. But, But, What If...? (G. Dial) (6:46)
7. Red Giant (J. Meyer) (9:21)
8. Quick Pick (D. Oatts) (9:13)
9. Greensleeves (traditional; public domain) (10:40)

Red Rodney (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Dick Oatts (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone)
Garry Dial (piano)
Jay Anderson (bass)
Joey Baron (drums)

Recorded at ERAS Studios, New York City, 10. & 11. 8. 1986.

Denon CY-73149; Denon 81757-3149-2



Philo said...

Red Rodney Quintet - No Turn on Red (1986)

Wow! This is a gem.

The music is wonderful, and the audio quality is excellent.

The only thing that would have made it better would be track numbers in the tag field or in the file name.


brian said...

I'll try next time!

Philo said...

That would be great.


grumpy said...

Many thanks, Rodney seemed to improve with age and what a good band!

rubberduck said...

Many Thanks, really nice.

I just registered a show fromsky TV , and Red was really good.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brian,

Could you please repost parts 2 & 3
of this great CD ?

They've been deleted by Rapidshare
( "File abused" )

Many thanks for your kindness in advance !!!

Peter said...

:( :(