October 21, 2011

The Carl Fontana Quartet - Live at Capozzoli's

1. A Beautiful Friendship (J. Styne - S. Kahn) (9:44)
2. As Time Goes By (H. Hupfeld) (15:21)
3. Look For the Silver Lining (J. Kern - B. G. De Sylva) (12:38)
4. If I Only Had A Brain (H. Arlen - E. Y. Harburg) (12:38)
5. Gigi (F. Loewe - A. J. Lerner) (9:20)
6. Flintstones (W. Hanna - J. Barbera - H. Curtin) (5:41)

Carl Fontana (trombone)
Brian O'Rourke (piano)
Tom Warrington (bass)
Dom Moio (drums)

Recorded live at Capozzoli's Italian Restaurant, Las Vegas, 7. & 8. 2. 1998.

Woofy WPCD72



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