October 3, 2011

Don Rendell & Ian Carr Quintet - Live at the Union 1966

1. On (D. Rendell) (6:26)
2. Ursula (M. Garrick) (10:54)
3. Trane's Mood (M. Garrick) (15:17)
4. Webster's Mood (M. Garrick) (16:44)
5. Carolling (M. Garrick) (5:38)
6. Hot Rod (I. Carr - M. Garrick) (14:58)

Ian Carr (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Don Rendell (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute)
Michael Garrick (piano)
Dave Green (double bass 1, 2)
Trevor Tompkins (drums)

Recorded live at the Students Union Bar, University College, London, 12. 12. 1966.

Reel UK 016; Reel RR 016



Anonymous said...

Rendell/Carr....Great Stuff! Thanks very much.

brianbrora said...

Thanks Brian!

JD said...

Thanks a lot, Brian, nice one!!

wil said...

Wonderful. Thanks for the post

grumpy said...

One of the greatest groups to come from the UK. Many thanks.

roberto t. said...

Wonderful, thank you very much!

wightdj said...

Cool, thanks.

swboy said...

Hi Brian
Thanks for all the great Jazz.
I noticed you previously posted
Sonny Fortune's "It Ain't What It Was". Its a hard one to find.
Would it be possible to
repost? thanks (links are dead)