November 26, 2011

Talib Qadir Kibwe - Introducing Talib Kibwe

1. Is That So? (D. Pearson) (4:50)
2. Joy Spring (C. Brown) (5:55)
3. Heaven Scent (T. Q. Kibwe) (4:02)
4. Hot House (T. Dameron) (5:16)
5. The Lady in White (T. Q. Kibwe) (5:17)
6. Hi-Fly (R. Weston) (9:38)
7. Kim (T. Q. Kibwe) (7:44)
8. Blues from Jali (T. Q. Kibwe) (5:25)
9. Portrait of Lois Marie (T. Q. Kibwe) (5:57)
10. Star Eyes (D. Raye - G. DePaul) (6:43)

Talib Kibwe (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute; arranger 1-5, 7-10)
Benny Powell (trombone 3, 10; trombone arrangement 3)
Aaron Graves (piano 1-5, 8-10; arranger 2), Randy Weston (piano, arranger 6), James Weidman (piano 7)
Lonnie Plaxico (acoustic bass; arranger 2)
Cecil Brooks III (drums; arranger 2)

Recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, New York, 8. 8. 1994.

Evidence 22145; Evidence ECD 221452


JD said...

Nice one, brian. Thanks a lot.

wil said...

Absolutely unknown to me. I will toss play it in the group. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I heard some of this when it first came out and am very pleased for this chance to sample it all - thank you very much, Brian.

Anonymous said...

Always interesting things here.

Thank you

brianbrora said...

Many thanks Brian!.

2bad said...

Thank you, Brian. I had nothing by this artist. Excellent.

2bad said...

Thank you, Brian. A very nice addition to my Sonny Rollins collection.