December 9, 2011

Gene Quill - 3 Bones and a Quill

1. The Preacher (H. Silver) (5:02)
2. Wa Hoo ( ) (3:58)
3. What's My Name ( ) (4:08)
4. Three And One (T. Jones) (3:38)
5. Look Ma, No Hands ( ) (5:33)
6. Little Beaver ( ) (6:11)
7. In A Mellotone (D. Ellington) (5:57)

Jimmy Clevelend, Jim Dahl, Frank Rehak (trombone)
Gene Quill (alto saxophone)
Nat Pierce (piano 1, 5-7), Hank Jones (piano 2-4)
Whitey Mitchell (bass)
Charlie Persip (drums)

Recorded in New York City, 1958.

Roost RLP 2229; Blue Note 9605; Fresh Sound LP 2229; Fresh Sound FSR-CD105; Vogue (E) LAE 12204; Roulette (Jap) YY-7006RO; Toshiba TOCJ-9605


Bhowani said...

I had it once, and lost it. So thanks a lot, Brian.

Melanchthon said...

Thank you very much !

ita diegues said...

Thank you very much.

jose luis said...

Muchas gracias Brian, acabo de escucharlo después de grabarlo en un cd-r; es muy agradable, a continuación le agregué "Trombone scene" otro disco de famosos trombonistas, Feliz año nuevo !

Kovina Kris said...

Thank you Brian!

Otis Foster said...

I'm late coming to this but thanks as always Brian.

Alvinho said...

Thanks, Brian. Great up.