January 25, 2012

Gordon Specs Powell - Movin' In

1. Undecided (C. Shavers - S. Robin) (2:52)
2. All or Nothing At All (A. Altman - J. Lawrence) (3:04)
3. It's a Pity to Say Goodnight (B. Reid) (2:51)
4. You Don't Know What Love Is (G. DePaul - D. Raye) (2:37)
5. The Spider (Spyder Blues) (S. Powell) (5:21)
6. Rat Race (S. Powell) (2:51)
7. Suspension (Suspicion) (S. Powell) (3:29)
8. Locked Out (S. Powell) (2:52)
9. He's My Guy (G. DePaul - D. Raye) (2:41)
10. I'll Remember April (G. DePaul - D. Raye - P. Johnson) (2:32)
11. Dispossessed (S. Powell - Glover) (2:38)
12. Movin' In (S. Powell) (3:03)

Ray Copeland (tp, arr), Leon Merian (tp)
Jimmy Cleveland, Jimmy Dahl (tb)
George Dorsey (as, fl)
Sahib Shihab (as, bars)
Aaron Sachs (cl, ts)
Pitchard Cheesman (bars)
Hank Jones or/and Nat Pierce (p)
Clyde Lombardi (b)
Gordon Specs Powell (dr)

Recorded in New York City, 13. & 20. 2. 1957.

Roulette Records 52004; EMI 0688586; Roulette R52004; Sonet SXP2835; Columbia (E) 33SX1083; Polydor (G) LPHM46052; Strand LP 1027; Fidelio (E) ATL4131; Summit (E) ATL4131



wil said...

Thanks Brian for another fine album

Peter said...

Thanks for this unusual record.

I had not heard of one or two of the musicians before. Pritchard Cheesman???? sounds like a pseudonym for perhaps Cecil Payne (contractual reasons? I thought), ... but he does exist. Usually as a tenorist, a big band specialist.

I didn't knwo Specs wrote. Interesting.

THanks very much!

ita diegues said...

Thank you so much pretty brian

Mr.Pc said...

ive added your link to my blog, so please link me back.
ill design a banner for it later as well
take care.

Tibau said...

Dear Mr.Brian
Parabens pelo seu Blog. É um dos melhores que conheço. Tenho copiado aqui albuns fantasticos. Muito obrigado. Abraço.

Baron said...

Wonderful post - I've not been paying attention - thank you

Otis Foster said...

Thnx brian - I haven't seen this session since my college days, and I'm old enough to have seen Miles and Trane if you get my drift.