January 3, 2012

Jerome Richardson - Going to the Movies

1. No Problem (from Les Liasons Dangereuses) (D. Jordan) (8:45)
2. Moon River (from Breakfast At Tiffany's) (H. Mancini - J. Mercer) (4:34)
3. Never on Sunday (from Never On Sunday) (M. Hadjadakis - B. Towne) (4:32)
4. Tonight (from West Side Story) (L. Berstein - S. Sondheim) (3:46)
5. Delilah (from Samson & Delilah) (V. Young) (7:34)

Jerome Richardson (baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute)
Les Spann (guitar, flute)
Richard Wyands (piano)
Henry Grimes (bass)
Grady Tate (drums)

Recorded live in New York City, April 1962.
Recorded live in unknown location, cca. April 1962.

EMI Japan TOCJ50129; United Artists UAJ-14006; United Artists UAJS-15006



Anonymous said...

Many thanks!
I remember seeing this advertised in Down Beat when it was released!

wil said...

Always a fine surprise. Thanks for the post

Bill said...

This was my first jazz record in 1966. Thanks for the memories!

the jazzman said...

Thank you.

brianbrora said...

Tganks Brian. I've never heard this before.
Ps sorry it's a bit late, but Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this excellent music.

2bad said...

Thank you, Brian.
This is very unusual and also very good.

2bad said...

Thank you, Brian. This is very nice to have. Great talent and seldom heard.

Peter said...

Thanks! :o)

Anonymous said...

are this and spec powell your rip?

brian said...

Why do you ask?!

rowgatien said...

Thanks brian, never heard this one before and almost bought the LP a few weeks ago but I was already busting my budget with others...

Melanchthon said...

Wow ! Thank you very much, Brian !

Baron said...

Thank you Brian