June 17, 2012

Various Artists - Eddie Costa Memorial Concert

1. Introduction by Willis Conover & Clark Terry (1:40)
2. The Simple Waltz (C. Terry) (6:32)
3 Things Ain't What They Used to Be (M. Ellington - T. Persons) (11:23)
4. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) (A. J. Neiburg - D. Daugherty - E. Reynolds) (6:08)
5. Just You, Just Me (R. Klages - J. Greer) (15:45)

Clark Terry (flugelhorn, trumpet 2, 3), Marky Markowitz (trumpet 5)
Willie Dennis (trombone 3), Urbie Green (trombone 5)
 Coleman Hawkins (tenor saxophone 4, 5)
Disck Hyman (piano 2, 3), Sonny Clark (piano 4, 5)
Art Davis (bass 2, 3), Chuck Israels (bass 4, 5)
Osie Johnson (drums 2, 3), Roy Haynes (drums 4, 5)

Recorded live at the Village Gate, New York City, October 9, 1962.
Recorded live at the Village Gate, New York City, 1963.

Colpix CP 450; Colpix SCP 450 ; Bean (It) 01



grumpy said...

I didn't know this existed! Many thanks.

rm said...

what a gem! thank you very much, brian

wightdj said...

Cool set. Costa was quite a sad loss that early in his life. I wonder why these tunes were picked. Maybe the notes will tell me. Thanks.

David said...

Nice Sonny Clark solo on "Just You, Just Me" Thank You!

rowgatien said...

Thank you kindly! Completely new to my eyes and ears.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Brian for sharing all these *rare* Japanese EMI CD Issues with us! They really have great sound quality! This is fine live music and a nice tribute to Eddie Costa!
I'm a big Osie Johnson fan--i think everything he appears on is definitely worth a listen--and here we can hear him play live which must be somewhat 'rare' since he was known as such a prolific studio drummer. Thanks Again! --dandor

neil said...

Missed this earlier, so jumping on it now; many thanks, brian...

Prof. Yaffle said...

Many thanks