July 10, 2012

Cladys Jabbo Smith - The Complete Hidden Treasure Sessions

1. Diga Diga Doo (J. McHugh - D. Fields) (6:10)
2. These Foolish Things (4 Takes) (J. Strachey - H. Link - H. Marvell) (11:02)
3. I Would Do Anything for You (C. Hopkins - A. Hill - B. Williams) (4:16)
4. Rosetta (3 Takes) (E. Hines) (7:43)
5. Keepin' out of Mischief Now (F. Waller - A. Razaf) 7:04)
6. I Found a New Baby (S. Williams - J. Palmer) (2:11)
7. Love Me or Leave Me (Take 1) (W. Donaldson - G. Kahn) (1:44)
8. Love Me or Leave Me (Take 2) (W. Donaldson - G. Kahn) (2:40)
9. Sunday (2 Takes) (J. Styne - N. Miller - B. Krueger - C. Conn) (7:24)
10. When a Woman Loves a Man (B. D. Hanighen - G. H. Jenkins - J. Mercer) (3:19)
11. I Want a Little Girl (T. M. Mencher - B. Moll) (4:21)
12. Sweet Georgia Brown (2 Takes) (M. Pinkard - K. Casey) (8:27)
13. I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me (J. McHugh - C. Gaskill) (5:35)
14. Squeeze Me (F. Waller - C. Williams) (3:02)

Tracks 1-6 originally issued as Hidden Treasures, Vol. 1 (Jazz Art LP TR520699)
Tracks 7-14 originally issued as Hidden Treasures, Vol. 2 (Jazz Art LP TR520700)

Tracks 1-6 recorded in New York City, June 3, 1961.
Tracks 7-14 recorded in New York City, October 15, 1961.

Lone Hill Jazz LHJ10352

brand new scans


neil said...

Only know his work on Chronological Clasics: Jabbo Smith - 1929-1938 (CC669) and a well-worn Ace of Hearts LP 'The Ace of Rhythm: Jabbo Smith and His Rhythm Aces' with a psychedelic 1960s cover!
Many thanks for the opportunity to hear this rarity, Brian...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this.

Would you please check the URL for the scans? I can't get it to work.

brian said...

Hope that the new scan link works

https://rapidshare.com/files/1624468719/js-tchts scans.zip


Baron said...

Thank you - what a good post this is - I haven't heard anything from these sessions before.

Beto said...

Scans file continues with message "File Not Found"on RapidShare - also the new scan link.
Please re-up.
Thank's in advance.

Beto said...

The problem
Would you please check the URL for the scans? I can't get it to work - persists

brian said...

I've uploaded and downloaded the brand new scans... and it works.....


Beto said...

The link works now!
Best Regards

Peter said...

Late Jabbo!

Never seen anything of this - thanks Brian!

Rantes said...

Hello Brian,
Could you re-upload this, please?
Tanks in advance,