July 29, 2012

John Handy - In The Vernacular & No Coast Jazz

1. I'll Close My Eyes (B. Reid - B. Kaye) (3:07)
2. First Time (J. Handy) (7:05)
3. Suggested Line (J. Handy) (5:28)
4. Problem Too (J. Handy) (4:31)
5. Quote, Unquote (J. Handy) (3:10)
6. Blues In The Vernacular (J. Handy) (5:09)
7. Dance To The Lady (J. Handy) (5:17)
8. I'll Never Smile Again (R. Lowe) (3:41)
9. To Randy (J. Handy) (6:21)
10. Tales Of Paradise (J. Handy) (4:56)
11. Boo's Ups And Downs (J. Handy) (8:16)
12. Hi Number (J. Handy) (7:03)
13. Prettyside Avenue (J. Handy) (5:33)
14. No Coast (J. Handy) (6:33)

Tracks 1-8 (John Handy Quintet)
Richard Williams (tp), John Handy (as, ts on 1, 2, 4, 6), Sir Roland Hanna (p), George Tucker (b), Roy Haynes (dr), Bobby Fuhlrodt (dr, only on 2)
Recorded in New York City, late 1959.

Tracks 9-14 (John Handy Quartet)
John Handy (as), Don Friedman (p), Bill Lee (b) and Lex Humphries (dr)
Recorded in New York City, Summer or September 1960.

Tracks 1-8: In the Ver·nac'u·lar (Roulette (S) R52042)
Tracks 9-14: No Coast Jazz (Roulette (S) R52058)

Fresh Sound Records FSRCD 647; Roulette RE-132; Roulette SR-52042; EMI 6305; Roulette 52058; Roulette SR-52088; Roulette R 52124; Columbia YS-2700R0



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