November 9, 2012

Lars Gullin ‎- Fine Together

A1. Danny-O (L. Gullin) (3:02)
A2. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm (B. Kaper - W. Jurman - G. Kahn) (3:01)
A3. Blue Lou (E. Sampson - I. Mills) (2:53)
A4. Lover Come Back To Me (S. Romberg - O. Hammerstein II) (7:31)
A5. Apple Core (G. Mulligan) (on LP cover is So What (L. Gullin - R. Billberg)) (3:15)
B1. Just Friends (J. Klenner - S. M. Lewis) (3:04)
B2. I Love You (C. Porter) (4:32)
B3. What's New (B. Haggart - J. Burke) (4:55)
B4. Body And Soul (J. Green - F. Eyton - E. Heyman - R. Sour) (3:07)
B5. Sweet And Lovely (alternate take) (G. Arnheim - H. Tobias - C. Lemore) (3:31)
B6. Sweet And Lovely (G. Arnheim - H. Tobias - C. Lemore) (3:13)
C1. Night In Tunisia (D. Gillespie - F. Paparelli) (3:56)
C2. My Old Flame (A. Johnston - S. Coslow) (4:34)
C3. Icarus On The Moon (L. Gullin) (5:55)
C4. The Song Is You (J. Kern - O. Hammerstein II) (2:54)
C5. Aesthetic Lady (L. Gullin) (4:43)
D1. Fine Together (L. Gullin) (4:05)
D2. Everything Happen's To Me (M. Dennis - T. Adair) (3:29)
D3. The Knob (L. Gullin) (6:00)
D4. Good Day To You (L. Gullin) (3:00)
D5. The Flight (L. Gullin) (5:51)

Notes: Compilation of old material as well as previously unissued tunes.

Sonet SLPD-2542


rm said...

thank you very much

wightdj said...

Nice collection, thanks.

Frasco said...

Excellent post, thank you very much Brian!

Frasco said...

Thank you very much, Brian. Excellen t post! Besides, take note that track A5 is not "So What" but Mulligan's "Apple Core"

brian said...
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brian said...

Thanks... it's indeed Apple Core! I've just copy-pasted from the web (discos)!

Peter said...

Thanks a lot brian - I like Lasse G very much!