November 12, 2012

Rolf Ericson - And His American All Stars

1. Forecast (D. Jordan) (5:39)
2. Vacker Flicka (D. Jordan - C. Payne) (7:24)
3. Visby Groove Alley (D. Jordan - C. Payne) (6:54)
4. Jordu (D. Jordan) (3:23)
5. Flight to Jordan (D. Jordan) (6:16)
6. Medley: I Cover the Waterfront (J. Green - E. Heyman) / Laura (D. Raskin - J. Mercer) / Everything Happens to Me (M. Dennis - T. Adair) (7:51)
7. This Time the Dream's on Me (H. Arlen - J. Mercer) (6:29)
8. Forecast (D. Jordan) (5:57)
9. You Go to My Head (J. F. Coots - J. H. Gillespie) (3:20)
10. Vacker Flicka (D. Jordan) (5:00)
11. A Night in Tunisia (D. Gillespie) (3:30)
12. Looking for a Boy (G. Gershwin - I. Gershwin) (1:41)
13. Lover Man (R. Ramirez - J. Sherman - J. Davis) (3:01)
14. A Foggy Day (G. Gershwin - I. Gershwin) (1:20)
15. I Got It Bad (D. Ellington - P. F. Webster) (3:01)
16. Love for Sale (C. Porter) (3:31)

Rolf Ericson (trumpet)
Cecil Payne (baritone saxophone 1-11), Lars Gullin (baritone saxophone 12-16)
Duke Jordan (piano 1-11), Freddie Redd (piano 12-16)
John Simmons (bass 1-11), Tommy Potter (bass 12-16)
Art Taylor (drums 1-11), Joe Harris (drums 12-16)
Ernestine Anderson (vocal 9, 12-16)

Tracks 1, 2 reecorded in Stockholm, Sweden, 30. 5. 1956.
Tracks 3, 4 reecorded in Stockholm, Sweden, 1. 6. 1956.
Tracks 5-7 reecorded in Stockholm, Sweden, 4. 6. 1956.
Tracks 8-11 recorded in Sundsvall, Sweden, 21. 6. 1956.
Tracks 12-16 recorded live in Folkets Park, Varnamo, Sweden, 30. 7. 1956.

Fresh Sounds 464


wouter said...

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Great that you have two interlocking albums of these musicians.

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Hi dude. Just found yor nice site. Think you ever in your life will re-upload this great Rolf Ericson album?

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brian said...

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Kostas from Piraeus said...

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