December 19, 2012

Andrea Centazzo Mitteleuropa ‎- Live

A1. Chirimia (A. Centazzo) (15:33)
A2. First Environment (for orchestra) (A. Centazzo) (8:40)
B1. Musica Schema N. 1 (A. Centazzo) (10:54)
B2. Third Environment (for orchestra) (A. Centazzo) (15:09)

Enrico Rava (trumpet)
Franz Koglmann (flugelhorn, trumpet)
Roberto Ottaviano (tenor saxophone, sopranino saxophone)
Roberto Mannuzzi (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone)
Sauro D'Angelo (clarinet, alto saxophone)
Gianluigi Trovesi (bass clarinet, alto saxophone)
Andrea Anzola (french horn)
Gianpaolo Salbego (vibraphone, percussion)
Carlos Zingaro (violin)
Bruno Cabassi (xylophone, percussion)
Roberto Bartoli, Stefano Ferri (double bass)
Andrea Centazzo (drums, percussion, conductor)

Recorded live by Radio Sata, Bologna, Italia, 11. 12. 1980.

Ictus Records ICTUS 0012


glmlr said...

Thank you!

Calisan said...

Great avant-garde! Thanks

Anonymous said...

sorry, but at this album lacks songs:
05 - you cjant movement
06 - chant v movement

brian said...

Anonimo... become nomino... Buy us a CD and do the post!