February 15, 2013

Tom Kirkpatrick - In the Chet Baker Mood

1. Line for Lyons (G. Mulligan) (8:02
2. Bernie's Tune (J. Leiber - B. Miller - M. Stoller) (6:03
3. Somewhere in the Night (W. Jennings - R. Kerr) (6:25
4. Alone Together (H. Dietz - A. Schwartz) (8:58
5. This Is Always (M. Gordon - H. Warren) (9:51
6. Deep Purple (P. DeRose - M. Parish) (7:35
7. Gone With the Wind (H. Magidson - A. Wrubel) (6:14
8. Get Out of Town (C. Porter) (7:50
9. Day Break (F. Grofé - H. Adamson) (6:21
10. You and the Night and the Music (H. Dietz - A. Schwartz) (6:33)

Tom Kirkpatrick (trumpet)
Andrea Pozza (piano)
Bibi Rovere (bass)

Recorded at Grassilli Sound Systems, Bologna, Italy, September 14 & 15, 1998.

Timeless CDSJP447



AmyBRAINS said...

It's a nice album.
Many thanks.

marc said...

It's terrific music, part 2 is giving me trouble to get the whole thing. Thanks for your effort. Marc

Anonymous said...

Tesekkur. Thanks. Great blog.

wouter said...

my THANK YOU has disappeared in the blog universe, apparently...

so again: thank you for a most welcome upgrade, brian!