February 13, 2013

Ulf Wakenius & Peter Almqvist - Guitars Unlimited

A1. Paco's Delight (U. Wakenius) (5:02)
A2. Here's That Rainy Day (J. van Heusen - J. Burke) (7:23)
A3. Dear John (U. Wakenius) (5:19)
A4. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (I. Berlin) (3:10)
B1. Our Delight (T. Dameron) (3:59)
B2. Nuages (D. Reinhardt) (4:52)
B3. Nobody's Idea (C. Kress) (3:21)
B4. My Romance (R. Rodgers - L. Hart) (4:42)
B5. Moment's Notice (J. Coltrane) (2:59)

Peter Almqvist, Ulf Wakenius (guitar)

Peter Almqvist is in the right channel and Ulf Wakenius is in the left channel.

Recorded at Studio Bohus, Kungälv, Sweden, 1983.

PGP RTB ‎ 2223139; Sonet ‎ SNTF 923



rm said...

thank you very much

AmyBRAINS said...

New to me.
Many, many thanks.

squalo said...

terrific guitarists! thank you

Rick said...

Thank you. I think this will be interesting. And on rapidshare! (thank you, I have a subscription, but not many people use it now).

Rick said...

Thank you. I enjoy jazz guitar duets.

Melanchthon said...

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Dea Noa said...

Hello Brian.

I just discovered your blogspot by searching for this release.

Is there maybe an any chance it could be reuploaded?