April 27, 2013

Teo Macero & Wally Cirillo - Explorations by Teo Macero and Wally Cirillo

1. Teo (Macero)
2. I’ll Remember April (DePaul)
3. How Low The Earth (Macero)
4. Mitzi (Macero)
5. Yesterdays (Kern)
6. Explorations (Macero)
7. Smog L.A. (Cirillo)
8. Level Seven (Cirillo)
9. Transeason (Cirillo)
10. Rose Geranium (Cirillo)
11. Heart On My Sleeve (Macero)
12. 24+ 18+ (Macero)
13. Sounds Of May (Macero)
14. Thou Swell (Rodgers)
15. Neally (Macero)
16. Adventures (Macero)
17. TC's Groove (Macero)

Personnel on tracks #1-6: Teo Macero (as, ts), Orlando Girolamo (accordion), Charles Mingus, Lou Labella (b) and Ed Shaughnessy (df). Recorded in New York City, December 5, 1953.

Personnel on tracks #7-10: Teo Macero (as, ts), Wally Cirillo (p), Charles Mingus (b) and Kenny Clarke (df). Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio in Hackensack, New Jersey, January 30, 1955.

Personnel on tracks #11-14: Teo Macero (as, ts), John LaPorta (cl, as), Mal Waldron (p), Orlando Girolamo (accordion), Wendell Marshall (b) and Ed Shaughnessy (df). Recorded in New York City, September 5, 1955.

Personnel on tracks #15-17: Art Farmer (tp), Teo Macero (as, ts), John LaPorta (cl, as), George Barrow (bs), Eddie Bert (tb), Don Butterfield (tuba), Orlando Girolamo (accordion), Wendell Marshall (b) and Ed Shaughnessy (df). Recorded in New York City, September 9, 1955.

Fresh Sound Records FSRCD 409


April 19, 2013

Chris Barber Jazz And Blues Band ‎- Concert For The BBC

A1. Bourbon Street Parade (4:39)
A2. Mary Had A Little Lamb (6:40)
A3. Perdido Street Blues (5:11)
A4. Mack The Knife (5:58)
B1. Spanish Castles (8:43)
B2. Georgia On My Mind (12:11)
B3. South Rampart Street Parade (5:08)
C1. (Take Me) Back To New Orleans (3:34)
C2. When You Wore A Tulip I Wore A Big Red Rose (5:38)
C3. Whistling Rufus (3:35)
C4. Rose Room (8:26)
D1. Ride On (8:28)
D2. Basin Street Blues (7:34)
D3. Goodbye Goodbye (6:13)

Trumpet – Pat Halcox
Trombone – Chris Barber
Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone – John Crocker
Alto Saxophone, Clarinet – Ian Wheeler
Guitar – Roger Hill
Banjo, Guitar – Johnny McCallum
Bass – Vic Pitt
Drums – Norman Emberson

Jugoton LSY 6509-60; Timeless Records TTD 509/510; Bellaphon Records ‎ CDTTD 509/510


April 17, 2013

Various ‎Artists - Traditional Jazz Scene 1955

A1. The Merseysippi Jazz Band – Creole Belles
A2. The Merseysippi Jazz Band with Beryl Bryden – Young Woman's Blues
A3. Chris Barber's Jazz Band – I Never Knew Just When A Girl Could Do
A4. Chris Barber's Jazz Band with Ollie Patterson – St. Louis Blues
A5. Chris Barber's Jazz Band – The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
B1. The Zenith Six – Riverside Blues
B2. The Zenith Six – Steamboat Stomp
B3. Alex Welsh And His Dixielanders – Maple Leaf Rag
B4. Alex Welsh And His Dixielanders with George Melly – Black Mountain Blues
B5. Alex Welsh And His Dixielanders with George Melly and Roy Crimmins – Mississippi Mud

Recorded at The Royal Festival Hall, London, under the auspices of The National Jazz Federation.

Jugoton LP-DC-V-159 (ARL 2533-34); Decca LK 4100; London Records LL 1242


April 11, 2013

Kenny Burrell - Live at the Blue Note

1. Tones for Joan's Bones (C. Corea) (7:55)
2. The Entertainer (S. Joplin) (6:11)
3. Medley: Embraceable You / Quasi Modo (G. Gershwin - I. Gershwin / C. Parker) (7:00)
4. Dear Ella (K. Burrell) (7:04)
5. Birk's Works (D. Gillespie) (8:42)
6. I've Got a Crush on You (G. Gershwin - I. Gershwin) (5:06)
7. Take the A Train (B. Strayhorn) (9:19)
8. All Blues (M. Davis) (4:39)
9. Groove Merchant (J. Richardson) (6:01)

Jimmy Owens (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Steve Turre (trombone 1, 3, 8, 9), Benny Powell (trombone 2, 7)
Jerome Richardson (saxophone, flute)
Kenny Burrell (guitar; vocal 4)
Sir Roland Hanna (piano)
Ray Drummond (bass 1-3, 5-9), Marcus McLaurine (bass 4)
Sherman Ferguson (drums 1-3, 5-9), Horace Arnold (drums 4)
Jeannie Bryson (vocal 6), Vanessa Rubin (vocal 8)

Recorded live at the Blue Note, New York City, July 17 & 18, 1996.

Concord Jazz CCD-4731


Groove Merchant

April 3, 2013

Hannes Zerbe - Hannes Zerbe Blechband

A1. Metamorphosen I (frei nach Teilen der "Suite für Orchester Nr. 6" von Hanns Eisler) (H. Zerbe) (10:01)
A2. Überlagerung (H. Zerbe) (12:35)
B1. Metamorphosen III (frei nach Teilen der "Eisengißerei" von Alexander Wassiljewitsch Mossolow) (H. Zerbe) (4:34)
B2. Guernica (P. Dessau) (6:52)
B3. Rondo Und Finale (frei nach Teilen der "Suite für Orchester Nr. 3" von Hanns Eisler) (H. Zerbe) (8:49)

Harry Kuhn, Reiner Auerbach (trumpet)
Jochen Gleichmann (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Willem Breuker (soprano saxophone, ato saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet)
Manfred Hering (alto saxophone)
Helmut Forsthoff (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone)
Manfred Schulze (baritone saxophone, clarinet)
Wolfgang Stahl, Reiner Hoffmann, Egon Hellrung (flugelhorn, horn)
Martin Mayes (flugelhorn)
Hermann Anders, Bernd Swoboda (trombone)
Dietrich Unkrodt, Pinguin Moschner, Georg Schwark (tuba)
Hannes Zerbe (piano)
Dieter Keitel (drums)

Recorded at AMIGA-Studio, Berlin, Germany, 9-15. 1. 1984.

AMIGA 8 56 043; Pläne 88416