April 11, 2013

Kenny Burrell - Live at the Blue Note

1. Tones for Joan's Bones (C. Corea) (7:55)
2. The Entertainer (S. Joplin) (6:11)
3. Medley: Embraceable You / Quasi Modo (G. Gershwin - I. Gershwin / C. Parker) (7:00)
4. Dear Ella (K. Burrell) (7:04)
5. Birk's Works (D. Gillespie) (8:42)
6. I've Got a Crush on You (G. Gershwin - I. Gershwin) (5:06)
7. Take the A Train (B. Strayhorn) (9:19)
8. All Blues (M. Davis) (4:39)
9. Groove Merchant (J. Richardson) (6:01)

Jimmy Owens (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Steve Turre (trombone 1, 3, 8, 9), Benny Powell (trombone 2, 7)
Jerome Richardson (saxophone, flute)
Kenny Burrell (guitar; vocal 4)
Sir Roland Hanna (piano)
Ray Drummond (bass 1-3, 5-9), Marcus McLaurine (bass 4)
Sherman Ferguson (drums 1-3, 5-9), Horace Arnold (drums 4)
Jeannie Bryson (vocal 6), Vanessa Rubin (vocal 8)

Recorded live at the Blue Note, New York City, July 17 & 18, 1996.

Concord Jazz CCD-4731


Groove Merchant


rm said...

thank you very much

peer57 said...

wonderful, brian...thanks a bunch!

AmyBRAINS said...

Just one word : FANTASTIC!!
Many thanks Brian.

Philo said...

Thanks Brian. This is a wonderful album. I am really enjoying the music.

One problem: track 9 (Groove Merchant) has a bunch of very serious compression artifacts (glitches & dropouts) starting about 5 minutes into the track. All other tracks seem fine.

Kneigh said...

Philo is correct with track 9; really messed up. Must have been a nasty scratch just before the actual album ended. Many thanx for this Kenny, Brian!! Other than the end, it's a great listen, and it's definitely worth the listens!!

brian said...

I will try to locate my cd... and put just track 9 in flac!