June 30, 2013

The Masters Of Unorthodox Jazz ‎- Overground

A1. Magnetic Girl ( ) (10:05)
A2. Space Girl ( ) (10:15)
B1. Pissing Girl ( ) (6:10)
B2. Everyone A Master ( ) (12:33)

Harun Ghulam Barabbas (alto saxophone)
Alaeddin Adlernest (bassoon)
Ahmad Pechoc (piano)
Toni Michlmayr (double bass)
Muhammad Malli (percussion)

Recorded at 22:00 hrs, Austrophon-Studio, Vienna, May 16th, 1969.

Barabbas Records HGB 1001



onxidlib said...

This is certainly the biggest surprise of 2013 - and wether there will be a bigger one is doubtful.
Great post - thank you VERY much.
Finally I got to hear it......

SOTISE said...

Wow Thanks Brian... great upload!

upkerry14 said...

Indeed, a nice one! thank you!

Calisan said...

What a record! Perhaps never in my life see you again!
Thanks Brian

Anonymous said...

if time permits, please reup this one! thanks in advance!


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Anonymous said...

great! had this one in a very poor quality and sent it to the trash because of that, your copy is way better than was mine, thank you so much!


Solomon said...

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sid said...

Can this re re-up? Thank you kindly.

dogon ad said...

Can you please renew this link Brian. Thanks.

correct silence said...

Hi Brian

Could you re-up it please, very rare album and unknown to me.
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