June 6, 2013

Trevor Watts String Ensemble ‎- Cynosure

A1. Another Time (12:36)
A2. No Waiting (10:29)
B1. We'll Talk About It Later (9:13)
B2. Chip (9:34)
B3. Tribute To 'Trane (2:01)

Trevor Watts (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, composer)
Dave Cole, Steve Hayton (guitar)
Steve Danachie (violin)
Sandy Spencer (cello)
Colin McKenzie (bass guitar)
Lindsay Cooper (bass)
Liam Genockey (drums)

Recorded in London, June 1976.

Ogun OG 526



Anonymous said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.
First time I heard this album from you.


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Thank You very much

AmyBRAINS said...

It's a very interesting album. A nice discovery to me.
Many thanks, Brian.

sandor essedy said...

thanks; I didn't know this one.

Anonymous said...

I.m a long time fan of Trevor Watts. This unfamiliar to me and I'm very interested in listening. Thank you.

Calisan said...

This is completely new to me but Ogun is guarantee of safety!
Thanks for this beautiful rarity!

john said...

Trevor Watts doesn't seem to have benefited from the cd reissues on Ogun ('Closer to you' would also be a welcome re-issue)so many thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for this one for a long time.
Unfortunately rapidshare doesn't work for me.
Could someone please upload it to another filehoster? Would be really grateful.

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That was really quick.
Thank you so much!

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Hello. First, FABULOUS BLOG. Second, could I ask this be re-upped again. I seem to have missed it twice! Sorry.

James Manion said...

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Thank you Big Time brian, very much appreciated!