September 17, 2013

Billy Usselton - Sextet: Complete Recordings

1. Tangerine
2. Delilah
3. Sweet Sue
4. Dinah
5. Coquette
6. Georgia On My Mind
7. Miss Annabelle Lee
8. Liza
9. Cleone
10. Jill
11. Margot
12. Smokey
13. There Will Never Be Another You
14. Blooz
15. Angel
16. In From Somewhere

#1-4: Bob Burgess (tb), Billy Usselton (ts), Abe Aaron (bcl), Paul Moer (p), Mel Pollan (b), Lloyd Morales (dr) Hollywood, June 22, 1956.
#5-8: Same personnel but Buddy Clark replaces Pollan, and Frank Capp replaces Morales. Hollywood, July 13, 1956.
#9-12: Same personnel but Larry Bunker replaces Frank Capp. Hollywood, July 17, 1956.
#13-16: Same personnel but Mel Lewis replaces Larry Bunker. Hollywood, October 17, 1956.

Fresh Sound Records FSR 2220


danair said...

Thanks Brian,never heard this one.

Morris said...

This looks really nice Brian. I am not familiar with him at all so this will make for great weekend listening!


Andy said...

Thanks for this brian. I'd never heard of Billy Usselton. What a soft and silky sound he has. You'd hardly think it was the same instrument that Hawkins, Webster or Lockjaw played. Nice.

Kneigh said...

I'm like the others, Brian, in that I've never heard of this gentleman either. He is definitely no slouch on his tenor sax, and the whole group really get with it!! I'm a bass clarinet junkie, and Abe Aaron, the man playing it here, really adds to the arrangements!! A great listen, and many thanx, Brian!!

AmyBRAINS said...

It's a fantastic post!!
Many thanks.

Philo said...

This artist is new to me. I am really enjoying the music. The bass clarinet is a very interesting element in the mix. Hearing how well that works I'm surprised we haven't heard the bass clarinet used more often in small ensemble arrangements.

Thanks for posting.

Vitko said...

Very good compilation. I am surprised by the good sound. Thank you Brian.

rubberduck said...

Usselton is new to me also : many thanks Brian !

Bhowani said...

I've send it to CIA or Jazzman years ago and it seems that this fresh sound is the sole discographical testimony of Usselton on the web.

trombonecholli said...

Thank you, I have this LP on cassette. Beautiful Music.