September 3, 2013

Toshiko Akiyoshi-Lew Tabackin Big Band ‎- Live At Newport

1. Strive For Jive (T. Akiyoshi) (8:40)
2. A-10-205932 (T. Akiyoshi) (13:55)
3. Hangin' Loose (T. Akiyoshi) (10:27)
4. Since Perry / Yet Another Tear (T. Akiyoshi / L. Tabackin) (15:22)

Bobby Shew, Mike Price, Richard Cooper, Steven Huffstetter (trumpet)
Bill Reichenbach, Charlie Loper, Rick Culver (trombone), Phil Teele (bass trombone)
Lew Tabackin (tenor saxophone, flute)
Gary Herbig (tenor saxophone)
Dick Spencer, Gary Foster (alto saxophone)
Beverly Darke (baritone saxophone)
Toshiko Akiyoshi (piano, arranger)
Don Baldwin (bass)
Peter Donald (drums)

Recorded live at Newport Jazz Festival, New York City, June 29, 1977.

RCA PL 40821; RCA RVP-6005; Baystate RJL-2678; BMG Japan BVCJ-37476


Alan Burns said...

welcome back!

great record, as always.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Been looking for this forever! Tnx so much for keeping the music alive! Don't suppose you have any more rare TA-LT recordings (e.g., Road Time?) Tnx again!

rm said...

thank you very much

moha said...

Thank You, Brian!
Last week I participated on a concert & a mastercourse with Tabackin. He's in a fantastic form!

boogieman said...

Thanks Brian. excellent contribution. There aren't many TA-LT lp in the blogsphere. A great big band it was. I've been lucky to see them live in Europe in the late 70s.

danair said...

Great upgrade for me,thanks.

Juby said...

Thank you so much for this one! Sadly, it's terribly hard to find most of their wonderful recordings. Cheers!

Cecilio said...

Thaks for share it´s a very good band.