October 1, 2013

Ensemble Studio 4 - Jazz Mit Dem Ensemble Studio 4

A1. Umschau (E. Weise) (5:55)
A2. Ballade Für Ein Mädchen (E. Weise) (7:34)
A3. Kein Klagenlied (E.-L. Petrowsky) (7:47)
B1. Nur Als Gast? (E. Weise) (5:35)
B2. Tagesträume (E.-L. Petrowsky) (8:13)
B3. Das Schönste Mädchen Der Welt (G. Greißler) (7:32)

Hans-Joachim Graswurm (trumpet, flugelhorn )
Hubert Katzenbeißer (trombone )
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (alto saxophone )
Eberhard Weise (piano )
Klaus Koch (bass )
Wolfgang Winkler (drums )

Tracks A1, A2, B1 recorded in Berlin, April 16, 1969.
Track A3 recorded in Berlin, April 15, 1969.
Tracks B2, B3 recorded in Berlin, May 7, 1969.

Amiga 8 55 187



boogieman said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks for this LP. I'm interested in any album with Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky. Great altist!.

AmyBRAINS said...

Great post Brian!!
Many, many thanks.

-Otto- said...

Totally cool find. Thanks, brian!

Anonymous said...

Please re-Up in flac if possible

brian said...

read the subritle....

Uploads are flacs with scans Re-ups will be mp3 at 320 with scans


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