October 19, 2013

George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band • Live '82

1. Great Jones (G. Gruntz) (6:58)
2. El Chancho (D. Saluzzi) (15:26)
3. To Monk (D. Humair) (10:41)
4. In the Tradition (G. Gruntz) (10:42)

Bill Pusey, Kamau Adilifu, Palle Mikkelborg, Cecil Bridgewater (tp, flhrn)
Jimmy Knepper, Eje Thelin (tb), Dave Taylor (b-tb)
Billy Harper, Alan Skidmore (ts, fl)
Bob Malach (ss, ts)
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (ss, as)
Seppo Paakkunainen (bars, tano-fl)
Howard Johnson (Eb b-cl, tuba)
Dino Saluzzi (bandoneon)
George Gruntz (el-p)
Mike Richmond (b)
Gerry Brown (dr)

Recorded live at the Mensa der Wilhelm Pieck-University, Rostock, DDR, July 27, 1982.

Amiga (G) 8 55 998



boogieman said...

Thanks Brian, these AMIGA albums are hard to find. Looking forward to hearing this one.

upkerry14 said...

brian, is this "third stream jazz" in your opinion? I'm surprised to see Billy Harper in here. Really looking forward to it. thanks, Bill

Quimsy said...

many thx indeed - superb LP

agmosk said...
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agmosk said...
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agmosk said...

Thank you very much, Brian! Its a great band and I've never seen this one before.

brian said...

my opinion? i think... well i'm pretty (brian) sure that the european jazz musicians saved the jazz in late 70s and 80s.

onxidlib said...

Great post. This is one of the few Aniga (Jazz) LPs I hadn't had the chance to hear until now.
And quite an interesting line-up!

Do you really say the European Jazz musicians saved Jazz during the late 70s and 80s.
I would emphasize more the European scene than the musicians as such.

agmosk said...

Gruntz Third Stream? Swings way too much for that.

jazzuk said...

Thanks very much

brian said...

Yes! onxidlib.. you could say like this... many americans came to europe in this period... but without support they coluldn't do much!

onxidlib said...

I agree! brian
...without support there wouldn't be any advancement/continuation.

prowita said...

Very interesting. Thank you, Brian

sandor essedy said...

thanks for this Gruntz unknown of me.

-Otto- said...

Just gotta love these AMIGA releases. Thanks, brian!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Lavendertilly said...

Any chance of a re-up, Brian? This looks great and I missed it first time round. Thanks.

brian said...

comming soooooon!

brian said...