October 10, 2013

Lol Coxhill ‎- The Joy Of Paranoia

A. The Wakefield Capers (L. Coxhill - P. Mitchell-Davidson - K. Shaw - R. Wright) (18:45)
B1. The Clück Variations First Movement: Prelude To Familiarity (L. Coxhill - V. Weston) (1:05)
B2. The Clück Variations Second Movement: In Pursuit Of Rumble (L. Coxhill - V. Weston) (2:05)
B3. The Clück Variations Third Movement: Explanatory Passage (L. Coxhill - V. Weston) (2:53)
B4. The Clück Variations Fourth Movement: Prelude To Paranoia (L. Coxhill - V. Weston) (1:48)
B5. Joy Of Paranoia Waltz (L. Coxhill) (2:12)
B6. Loverman (J. Davis) (5:15)
B7. Perdido (J. Tizol) (7:21)

Lol Coxhill (soprano saxophone)
Ken Shaw (electric guitar A)
Richard Wright (spanish guitar A)
Michael Garrick (electric piano B6, B7)
Veryan Weston (piano B1-B4)
Paul Mitchell-Davidson (bass guitar A)

Track A recorded at Bretton Hall, Wakefield, 1978.
Tracks B1 to B4 recorded at Hatfield Music Centre, 1978.
Track B5 recorded at Mekon Studios, London, 1978.
Tracks B6 and B7 recorded at Fairway Tavern, Panshanger, 1978.

Ogun (E)  OG 525; Ogun (E) OGCD008



Anonymous said...

Thanks! Only had this as low br mp3

Calisan said...

What a big surprise! Very grateful for this fantastic post!
Always interesting label!
Thanks brian

slovenlyeric said...

For those wondering, this was re-issued as an OGUN C.D. called Lol Coxhill on Ogun with the other Ogun recording he did. Divers Divers, was the name, I think.

corvimax said...

really delightful, many thanks

brian said...

yes it is true, slovenlyric... i have that cd.... Coxhill on Ogun (=The Joy Of Paranoia + Diverse)... but i have, never the less, posted my lp rip!

kinabalu said...

Very nice seeing this one here. I have both of the lps he did for Ogun. For those who like Lol from this time period, please note that I posted the Welfare State album over on the Inconstant Sol blog a while ago. He also made another one, Fleas in Custard, for Virgin, back in the days where Virgin was in the forefront of prog explorations. I'll get to that one in due course, but kudos to Brian for putting this one up here.

Anonymous said...

Really unhappy I missed this, can anyone re-up by any chance?