November 9, 2013

Bill Hardman Quintet - Saying Something

1. Capers (T. McIntosh) (7:10)
2. Angel Eyes (M. Dennis - E. Brent) (5:55)
3. Jo B. (B. Hardman) (9:50)
4. Buckeye Blues (B. Hardman) (10:44)
5. Assunta (C. Massey) (6:10)
6. It Ain't Happened Yet (B. Hardman) (5:18)
7. With Malice Toward None (T. McIntosh - J. Hendriks) (3:55)

Bill Hardman (trumpet)
Sonny Red Kyner (alto saxophone 1-6)
Ronnie Mathews (piano)
Bob Cunningham (bass 1, 6)
Doug Watkins (bass 2-5, 7)
Jimmy Cobb (drums)

Recorded at Medallion Studio, New York City, October 18, 1961.

Fresh Sound Records FSR 1661; Savoy Records MG-12170 (Bill Hardman Quintet); Savoy Jazz SJL 1164 (Saying Something); Stardust Records (none); Savoy Jazz COCB-50607


prowita said...

Excellent! Many thanks Brian

wouter said...

thank you for the bonus track, Brian!

AmyBRAINS said...

Great post.
Many thanks.

Philo said...

I have this from the Savoy CD which has everything except track 7.

A fine album. Recommended music.