November 2, 2013

Wolfgang Dauner - Changes

1. Changes (W. Dauner) (9:37)
2. Für Flo (W. Dauner) (1:58)
3. Changes 2 (W. Dauner) (6:00)
4. Stück für Piano und Synthesizer Op. 1 (W. Dauner) (9:54)
5. Landscape (W. Dauner) (4:48)
6. Tanz Trans (W. Dauner) (2:25)

Wolfgang Dauner (Steinway C-Flügel Grand Piano, EMS Synthi 100, Oberheim 4 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer)

Recorded at Elektronikstudio Dauner & Tonstudio Zuckerfabrik Stuttgart Gibbs Platen, March-September 1978.

Mood Records 23333; Mood MCAD-33613; Mood Records MOOD 4602 CD


Anonymous said...

Many many thanks!!!


TinyRonin said...

Thanks for this post. Never heard it but I'm sure I will like it!!!

Sardo said...

Thanks! In those time I was great fan of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Jan Hammer and his LP "First Seven Days".:))
I'm curious of Wolfgang Dauner's sound.

Calisan said...

What a big surprise with another one unknown to me. Thanks Brian!

Jason Smith said...

Any chance for a re-up of FLAC? Thanks!

brian said...

disc crash! maybe... i don't know!