November 20, 2013

Yosuke Yamashita & Adelhard Roidinger ‎- Inner Space

A1. Country Walk (Y. Yamashita - A. Roidinger) (6:33)
A2. Tight Pants (Y. Yamashita - A. Roidinger) (7:10)
A3. Soft Waltz (Y. Yamashita - A. Roidinger) (3:40)
B1. Green Wave (Y. Yamashita - A. Roidinger) (18:02)

Yosuke Yamashita (piano)
Adelhard Roidinger (bass)

Recorded at Europa-Sound Studio, Offenbach, Germany, June 24th, 1977.

Enja Records‎ 3001 ST; JASRAC 28MJ 3148


Alan Burns said...

thanks for ripping/uploading this one!

James Manion said...

Excellent, what a discovery for an Adelhard fan. Thank you Brian

-Otto- said...

A mellow Yamashita LP that was available as a Japanese CD import (for maybe five minutes) a couple of years ago. Thanks for this clean LP rip, brian!

Prince Klassen said...

Any chance of getting a re-upload on this please? I saw this in Japan recently but had never heard it so I passed on it.

brian said...