December 19, 2013

Glen Gray ‎- Sounds Of The Great Casa Loma Band

A1. No Name Jive (L. Wagner) (6:25)
A2. Memories Of You (E. Blake - A. Razaf) (3:01)
A3. White Jazz (E. Gifford) (3:06)
A4. Sunrise Serenade (F. Carle - J. Lawrence) (3:01)
A5. Maniac's Ball (E. Gifford) (3:06)
B1. Casa Loma Stomp (E. Gifford) (2:45)
B2. Sleepy Time Gal (A. Lorenzo - R. Whiting - J. Alden - R. Egan) (4:33)
B3. Dance Of The Lame Duck (E. Gifford) (2:41)
B4. For You (J. Burke - A. Dubin) (3:05)
B5. Black Jazz (E. Gifford) (3:12)
B6. Smoke Rings (E. Gifford - N. Washington) (2:52)

Mannie Klein, Conrad Gozzo, Shorty Sherock (tp)
Si Zentner, Francis Howard, Walter Benson (tb)
Murray McEachern (tb, as)
Ted Nash, Babe Russin (ts)
Skeets Herfurt (as)
Chuck Gentry (bars)
Gus Bivona (cl, as)
George Van Eps (g)
Ray Sherman (p)
Mike Rubin (b)
Nick Fatool (dr)
Kenny Sargent (voc B4)
Larry Wagner (arr A1)
Eugene Gifford (arr A3, A5, B1, B3, B5, B6)

Tracks A1, B2 recorded in Hollywood, June 19, 1956.
Tracks A2-A4, B3, B4 recorded in Hollywood, June 20, 1956.
Tracks A5, B5 recorded in Hollywood, June 20, 1956.
Tracks B1, B6 recorded in Hollywood, June 18, 1956.

Capitol Records SM 1588; Capitol Records T 1588; Capitol Records DT 1588; Capitol Records DT-1588; The Star Line T-1588; Capitol W747; Electra (E) LCT6128; Electra (G) 148-81331/32


agmosk said...

Thanks, Brian! Very Nice!

swamielmo said...

Thank you Brian, Glen Gray is great. It was some of my father's favorite music and I enjoy the Casa Loma Orchestra too. Have a great holiday. all the best

lucky5 said...

Great music, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice, Brian. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great Glen Gray LPs, Brian. Thanks!! Note: part 2, part 3 and scans files do not exists. Please re-up.

brian said...

anonymous! you must become nomymous and i will oblige you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Please reup! Dude, I'm such a big fan. Every day I get to listen to 'new' and good music. Maybe I'll never hear a song modern pop song again? Hopefully.