December 24, 2013

Stan Kenton And His Orchestra ‎- Live Sessions 1942-1945

1. Theme: Artistry In Rhythm (S. Kenton) (0:34)
2. Two Guitars (traditional) (1:44)
3. Blues In Asia Minor (S. Kenton) (1:38)
4. Tribute To A Flatted Fifth (S. Kenton) (1:42)
5. Deep River (H. Creamer - S. Oliver) (3:07)
6. You Alone (W. Jason - N. Burton) (3:21)
7. Harlem Folk Song Dance (S. Kenton) (2:04)
8. Smokey (C. Alvarez) (1:36)
9. Etude For Saxophone (S. Kenton) (3:12)
10. Night (R. Ore) (2:13)
11. Two Moods (S. Kenton) (2:06)
12. Tampico (A. Roberts - D. Fisher) (2:36)
13. Down The Road Apiece (D. Raye) (2:27)
14. Just Sittin' And Rockin' (D. Ellington - B. Strayhorn - L. Gaines) (3:56)
15. Theme: Artistry In Rhythm (S. Kenton) (0:40)

Collective Personnel:
Johnny Anderson, Buddy Childers, Ray Wetzel, Ken Hanna, Chico Alvarez (trumpet)
Skip Layton, Harry Forbes, Kai Winding, Milt Bernhart, Bart Varsalina (trombone)
Red Dorris, Boots Mussilli, Al Anthony, Bob Gioga, Bob Cooper (saxophone)
Bob Ahern (guitar)
Stan Kenton (piano, leader)
Eddie Safranski (bass)
Shelly Manne (drums)

Jazz Anthology JA 5203; Jazz Anthology 550302

separate folders


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