December 18, 2013

Stan Kenton

I have these kenton's

a concert in progressive jazz
artistry in rhythm
city of glass & this modern world
collector's choice
finian's rainbow
live at redlands university
live sessions 1942-1945
rendezvous with kenton
stan kenton plays chicago
stan kenton today
the stage door swings
the world we know
viva kenton

eight classic albums
five classic albums

so if someone have a craving wants for some of these… let me know in a comments and i will post them… in a while….


Luis said...

Live sessions 1942-45 would be a nice addenda. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh...!!! I want of all them.. (except Artistry in Rhythm, City of Glass and The Stage Door Swings). It's very hard to find Kenton's records for me...

I know it's very difficult for you to post all these Kenton's... So, I let you choose one (or more) of them...

Thanks for all. Specially for Juan Carlos Calderón's Bloque 6!!!!


agmosk said...

Brian, I know I , and others, would appreciate The Stage Door Swings to start with. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind offer, brian.

In a while - or longer- or whenever you can get around to it, I would very much like Finian's Rainbow; I've never heard it and the tunes from that musical are wonderful. I'm intrigued as to how Kenton treated them.

- der bajazzo

brian said...

there is The Stage Door Swings CD somewhere in blogosphere!

Rick said...

Kenton is unique, would be appreciated. Thanks for all and good Holiday cheer.

chris_c said...

as many as poss please. great blog

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Finian's Rainbow?

- der bajazzo

Herman van der Meij (Toppy) said...

I'm missing Finian's Rainbow.

That would be great!

brian said...

Stan Kenton - The World We Know & Finian's Rainbow (2003) [CD]

Unknown said...

can you please upload City of Glass? thanks!