January 27, 2014

Barry Altschul Trio ‎- Brahma

1. Con Alma De Noche (R. Anderson) (6:11)
2. Irina (B. Altschul; arr. M. Helias - R. Anderson) (6:10)
3. Be Out S'Cool (B. Altschul ) (6:57)
4. Brahma (B. Altschul) (17:06)
5. Lism (M. Helias) (4:16)

Ray Anderson (tenor trombone, alto trombone, sousaphone, cowbell, whistle)
Mark Helias (bass, cello, collegno batuto = precisely col legno battuto (Italian for "hitted with the wood" is an instruction to strike the string with the stick of the bow, rather than by drawing the hair of the bow across the strings. This results in a quiet but eerie percussive sound.)
Barry Altschul (trap drum set, bowed cymbals, quica, waterphone, bells, shakers, whistles, cowbells, wood blocks, miscellaneous percussion)

Recorded at RPM Studios, New York City, January 23, 1980.

Sackville 3023; Sackville Recordings ‎SKCD2-3023



ZedBit said...

Thanks brian.
Great trio! Very fruitful years!

Anonymous said...

Un grand merci. Très bel album.

mesids said...

Many thanks for your interesting posts

upkerry14 said...

Wow, this is going back awhile! I haven't heard this one in ages. All great players. thanks!

Bhowani said...

Terricful offer, thanks beaucoup, Brian !

Anonymous said...

rad blog!! thanks from puerto rico! luis rafael

-Otto- said...

Looks very interesting, this album with young Ray Anderson, Mark Helias, and, of course, Mr. Altschul. Thanks!

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Amigo, did all 3 zips (plus scans),
but did not get the final cut "Lism".
Can you help?

brian said...

i downloaded them now and all tracks are there!

Rev. bIGhIG said...

First of all, I just found your site and have scrolling through lots of great jazz I want to check out. Secondly, on zip.pt3
I still only get "Brahma". What should I be using (or where should I be going)to get the "Lism" cut?
Thanks for your patience.

brian said...

i downloaded all links and opened them with winrar and all tracks are there!

Rev. bIGhIG said...

You are correct, sir!
My bungled downloading/expanding was at fault. The Rev has seen the Light! And has heard the CD!
Amen, bro'