January 10, 2014

Clifford Thornton & The Jazz Composer's Orchestra ‎- The Gardens of Harlem

A1. Ogún Bára (C. Thornton) (5:48)
A2. O Desayo (C. Thornton) (8:02)
A3. Agbadzá (C. Thornton) (9:41)
B1. Changó Obarí (C. Thornton) (4:35)
B2. Aïn Salah (C. Thornton) (8:16)
B3. Gospel Ballade (C. Thornton) (4:50)
B4. Sweet Oranges (C. Thornton) (1:08)
B5. Blues City (C. Thornton) (8:55)

Kobena Adzenyah (nnawuronta, apentima, oprenten, ntrowa, conga, sogo, atsimevu)
Jerry González (kónkolo bata, kaganu, quinto, tumba, bell, palos)
Milton Cardona (itótele bata, tumba)
Gene Golden (iyá bata, tumba, palos)
Vincent Jorge (tumba, axatse, conga)
Asante Darkwa (gankogui, nnaronta, bell)
Laxmi G. Tewari (axatse, kidi, ntrowa)
Art Lewis (trap set)
Andy Gonzalez (bass)
Carla Bley (piano)
Bob Stewart (tuba)
Charles Stephens, Janice Robinson (trombone)
John Thompson, Gregory Williams (french horn)
George Barrow (baritone saxophone, flute)
Pat Patrick (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone)
Roland Alexander (tenor saxophone)
Carlos Ward (alto saxophone, flute)
Dewey Redman (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone)
Clifford Thornton (composer, arranger, cornet, valve trombone, shenai, cabasa, bell))
Michael Ridley, Marvin Peterson, Leo Smith (trumpet)
Ted Daniel (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Jack Jeffers (conductor)

Recorded at the Blue Rock Studio, New York City, April 4, 1974.

JCOA Records LP 1008; JCOA Records J2004; Virgin J2004



JD said...

Looks like this should be a heavyweight delight - look forward to giving it a listen...thanks a lot, Brian

AmyBRAINS said...

It's a nice album.
Many thanks.

sandor essedy said...

wow! it's a very sympathic gift you offer; Thornton is too rare.

Vitko said...

Magnificent music, damage is that Thornton was not unable to create a larger body of work with this kind of vision. Thanks.

wightdj said...

Nice one, thanks.

hideo said...

Love Thornton and don't have much of his output. Arigato, brian!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Brian. Happy New Year. Greetings from Pula.

l:) said...

great stuff! thanks for this rarity - happy new 2014...


onxidlib said...

Thank you Brian for your excellent rip.
I have the LP but I wanted to broadcast it without using the mediocre players in the studio - so thanks again.

-Otto- said...

Very nice LP and a really good, clean rip. Thanks for the scans too. Thanks!

DW said...

brian, could you possibly re-up this?

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Brian, thanks!!

Mike said...

Unfortunately, the new link also is invalid. :( I still have this on LP but have no means of digitizing it. If you have the opportunity to re-upload this, I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you.

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Any chance of a new re up? I can't find it anywhere else… Thanks.

brian said...

maybe one day... i've re-up this one several times... so !