January 5, 2014

Manfred Schoof - Reflections

1. Unisonlines (M. Schoof) (5:43)
2. Reflections (M. Schoof) (7:31)
3. Old Ballad (M. Schoof) (13:11)
4. Waltz in the Sun (M. Schoof) (8:31)
5. Source (M. Schoof) (6:55)
6. Horizons (M. Schoof) (9:52)

Manfred Schoof (trumpet, flugelhorn, leader, arranger)
Uli Beckerhoff, Martin Drover, Jon Eardley, Rainer Winterschladen (trumpet)
Hermann Breur, Jon English, Joachim Fink, Bernd Lechtenfeld, Albert Mangelsdorff (trombone)
Gerd Dudek, Hugo Reed, Joachim Ulrich, Gerhard Veeck (saxes)
Michael Pilz (bass clarinet)
Tom van der Geld (vibraphone)
Stephen Diez (guitar)
Rainer Brünninghaus (piano, synthesizer)
Wolfgang Dauner (piano)
Sigi Busch, Eberhard Weber (bass)
Jo Thönes (drums)

Recored live at Haus der Jungen Talente, Berlin & Mensa der Wilhelm Pieck Universität, Rostock, November 13-14, 1983.

Amiga 8 56 060; Mood (G) 42


P.S. @ onxidlib
if you have good scans from mood record… post it! Thanks



Anonymous said...

I think I've seen this in a discography somewhere. It's great to now actually give it a listen. Many thanks.


Alan Burns said...

what a great lineup! many thanks for this one.

Sergio said...

Many thanks! Schoof, as always, is great!

onxidlib said...

Hi Brian - unfortunately I don't have any scans from the Mood Records release anymore on my pc.
But I have made some pictures which I shall upload soon.
My scanner still won't work...

onxidlib said...

Pictures from the Mood Records release:

Vitko said...

Thank you.

-Otto- said...

What a great record. Thanks, brian!

roberth said...

any chance of a re up? the link is dead
great site. thanks for the larry ridley!!!!