January 23, 2014

Stan Kenton and His Orchestra ‎- Viva Kenton

1. Mexican Jumping Bean (G. Roland) (4:30)
2. Siesta (G. Roland) (3:07)
3. Cha Cha Sombrero (G. Roland) (4:48)
4. Chocolate Caliente (G. Roland) (3:26)
5. Aqua Marine (G. Roland) (2:42)
6. Opus In Chartreuse Cha Cha Cha (G. Roland) (2:49)
7. Cha Cha Chee Boom (G. Roland) (3:51)
8. Adios (E. Madriguera - E. Woods) (3:10)
9. Mission Trail (G. Roland) (3:22)
10. Artistry In Rhythm (S. Kenton) (3:00)

Bud Brisbois, Dalton Smith, Bill Chase, Rolf Ericson, Roger Middleton (trumpet)
Archie LeCoque, Kent Larsen, Don Sebesky (trombone), Jim Amlotte, Bob Knight (bass trombone)
Bill Trujillo, John Bonnie (tenor saxophone)
Charlie Mariano (alto saxophone)
Jack Nimitz, Marvin Holladay (baritone saxophone)
Stan Kenton (piano)
Pete Chivily (bass)
Jimmy Campbell (drums)
Mike Pacheco, Willie Rodriguez (latin percussion), Tommy Lopez (latin percussion 1-9)
Gene Roland (arranger 1-9), Stan Kenton (arranger 10)

Tracks 1-9 recorded in New York City, September 23, 1959.
Track 10 recorded in New York City, September 22, 1959.

Creative World ‎ST 1063 Stereo; Capitol Records ‎SW 1305; Capitol Records ‎W-1305; Capitol Jazz ‎7243 5 604444 2 4



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