February 22, 2014

Franz Koglmann - Opium for Franz

1. For Franz (B. Dixon) (17:04)
2. Der Vogel, Opium (to Jean Cocteau) (F. Koglmann) (6:42)
3. Carmilla (to Sheridan Le Faun) (F. Koglmann) (4:58)
4. Karl und das Löschpapier (to Konrad Bauer) (F. Koglmann) (8:49)

Franz Koglmann (trumpet), Bill Dixon (trumpet 1)
Joseph Traindl (trombone 2, 3)
Steve Horenstein (tenor saxophone 1)
Steve Lacy (soprano saxophone 2, 3)
Gerd Geier (computer 4)
Alan Silva (bass 1), Cesarius Alvim Bothello (bass 2, 3), Tony Michlmayr (bass 4)
Muhammad Mali (cymbals 1), Aldo Romano (drums 2, 3)

Track 1 recorded at Studio Heinz, Vienna, Austria, August 6, 1976.
Tracks 2, 3 recorded at Studio Acousti, Paris, France, December 19, 1975.
Track 4 recorded at Studio Heinz, Vienna, Austria, November 3, 1976.

Pipe Records PR 152



martin said...

Wonderful, marvellous, incredible and thank you . . . though I'm not sure if it is wise to name the files 'fk-off'.

theblueamos said...

Its about time to listen to franz,no one posts his music any more.cds like annette ,an affair with strauss,wethought about duke etc.so realy agreat thank you and all the best from jerusalem

rebf942 said...

Many thanks for this early FK.

brian said...

i didn't saw the abbreviation like that… but it's cool… in a way… don't you think?

martin said...

You are quite right, everything about Mr Koglmann is cool (I would never have known about him if not for the world of blogs). Thanks again.

upkerry14 said...

FK one of my favs. Subtle, humorous, always interesting. Pity there isn't more of him around, esp live material. Never see it. Thanks!

sandor essedy said...

thanks for this one; I had only a poor version.

onxidlib said...

There is a live recording over at Inconstant Sol > http://inconstantsol.blogspot.de/2013/06/franz-koglmann-quartet-steve-lacy.html
Re-up is in preparation right now.

Solomon said...

Thank you.